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guess what, the eye belongs to the order into how Yesung and Sungmin oppa?
which have eyes Yesung and Sungmin ? coba tebak, urutan krberapa mata milik yesung dan sungmin oppa ??? E.L.F pasti tau :) yang benar dapet hadiah req picture ^^
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give me sungmin's picture :)
5 years ago·Reply
yessung oppa nmr 4 & sungmin oppa nmr 7,klo aq ga slh jg sihh...
5 years ago·Reply
diankurniaelf : You are also right, I'll give you a picture too :) what? olinhanindya : sungmin's picture for you , I already shared :)
5 years ago·Reply
yesung no.4 n sungmin no. 2..... m i right ???
5 years ago·Reply
yesung oppa no.4 and sungmin oppa no.7
5 years ago·Reply