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How odd does this combination seem to you? Dr. Pepper? BBQ? Pork? But, let me tell you - it works. This recipe is full of flavor and extremely easy. Don't be nervous about adding Dr. Pepper to your pork. The Dr Pepper soda adds a sweet flavor to this pork while keeping the meat extra moist. One thing's for sure, this is not the typical pulled pork recipe you're used to - in fact, it's even better. & I'm sure you're family will agree! Ingredients: -1 (3 lb) pork shoulder roast -Garlic powder -onion powder -seasoned salt -ground black pepper) -1 (12 oz) can Dr. Pepper soda pop -1 cup BBQ sauce Directions: 1) Spray slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray. 2) Rub pork roast with various seasonings and place roast in slow cooker. 3) Pour Dr. Pepper and BBQ sauce on top of roast. 4) Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 5-6 hours. 5) Shred roast with two forks (it should fall apart easily) 6) Serve on top of hamburger buns. Final step, enjoy (:
@goyo OHH what is the Dr. Pepper cocktail? Recipes and details please! I would love to try that!!
dr pepper cocktail @goyo, what was in that?
A few months ago I tried the Dr Pepper cocktail and I gotta say it was really good! But man is it a strong cocktail lol
@pampam93 sounds weird, but the combination is awesome! trust me :DD !!
this will have to be the menu for my next family gathering!! :D and whatt BBQ & Dr. Pepper ... not sure how i feel about that combination but i guess i will have to trust you and see :D