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Hello there, You have, as you noticed, been led to this page via a Twitter link. In actuality, you were meant to be led to some phishing site. It is a type of online fraud. Even though Twitter has a wonderful system to find these kinds of attacks, these type of frauds are consistently evolving. Instead of seducing users from Twitter directly, these attacks now use some other web services, such as Vingle, which is a community platform for people to enjoy their interests with those who share similar interests. As we are also a blogging platform, they use our service as a bridge page to their phising sites. We have detected this attack, and stopped it. Only Twitter or those responsible for the attack can stop redirecting to our page. You are welcomed to stay on Vingle and explore, or you can simply go back. We do, however, advise you not to click Twitter links except from trustworthy sources.
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@cheerfulcallie see here abt
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