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Sinchon is known to continually innovate and be on trend with their foods - especially since Sinchon caters to students, as it is the center of Ehwa, Yonsei, and Hongik University. Not only do the owners have to worry about how their food will taste - but a lot of it has to do with having the ability to capture the attention of its prospective customers especially with all of the cutthroat competition in the area. Exhibit A: POP.container's Oreo Bingsu. DUN DUN DUN~~ This ultra-hip, yet casual cafe specializes in this monstrous bingsu that is literally the tallest bingsu tower I have ever laid my eyes on. But let me mention, this bingsu does NOT disappoint in flavor OR amount :P The decor and interior of POP.container were just as unique as the Oreo Bingsu. The cafe's seating is very cozy, utilizing bean bags as chairs. The cafe also provides warm throws and blankets for an atmosphere that screams comfort. The bookshelves were slanted and very aesthetically stimulating. The Bingsu was not very difficult to eat. I thought it would break in half or lean in the center - but the bingsu kept very intact! The bingsu itself was extremely soft and chocolate-y, and had the texture of new fallen snow. The best part of the bingsu was the bottom, where there hides a generous dollop of Oreo Vanilla Cream flavored ice cream that finishes off the bingsu as a refreshing reward. This place was very crowded - so make sure to be prepared to wait for a table to open up! BUT - with a signature item such as the Oreo Bingsu, who honestly minds waiting a few minutes?? Here's some information of POP.container: Location: *5-11, Changjeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, 11 South Korea **Sinchon Station (Exit 2), walk towards the direction of U-plex towards Megabox. On your right, you will passed by Krispy Kreme and Olive Young. Continue to walk straight and you will see POP Container Cafe. Price: 6000-16000 won *the oreo bingsu is 13000 won Hours: Monday - Friday: 11:00-23:00 Saturday: 12:00-0:00 Sunday: 11:00-23:00 Phone: 82-2-313-9979
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LOL @dukes1! Someone told me once that a group did an Oreos taste test in parts of the world where they didn't have such things such as in remote parts of China and when the people tasted them, they were grossed out and said the Oreos tastes awful. Apparently Oreos are an acquired taste. I don't keep them around because I wind up eating the whole thing. How could anyone not like Oreos?!
@McDoogle .. ah dang maybe they should have mixed in some fried rice or sushi.. hmm now there's an idea... I love sushi..hajk no way! oreos are heaven sent..
@dukes1 - Agreed. Although I do love me some spicy tuna sushi!
ya I do love sushi also.. tiradito. . yumm!!
@McDoogle spiny tuna oreo sushi? ha jk