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As the world’s third largest coffee exporter, Indonesia has plenty of interesting things to offer in terms of coffee-drinking culture.
@edededan we have a traditional kind of coffee which is basically just coffee mixed with hot water and also sweetened milk!! :D they are pretty good for a hot day hahhaha
@ededan wow hahahaha i would love to try indonesian coffee one day!! i heard they are really good!
@ameliasantos10 @curtis yes, I always get my coffee without any sweetener.. oh I forgot to tell you, some coffee shops serve espresso using the indonesian coffee. local ingredients with italian style..
@pampam93 yeah, coffee in Western part of Indonesia and Kalimantan/Borneo are almost similar with the milk to make it sweet and less acidity. how about in Thailand? but yeah, even in Java or Bali people drink the sweetened coffee..
@edededan we have similar types of coffee here in Thailand too!! the sweetened kind! ahha personally i have never been such a big fan but i must say the coffee I had in Bali was amazing!
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