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Lunafly en México

Les dejo un articulo que publico el Universal sobre el tema ;) La lista de artistas coreanos que deciden incluir a México dentro de sus giras va en aumento. Ahora toca el turno de Lunafly, que ansiosos por probar la comida y conocer a sus fans pisarán tierras mexicanas en la sexta edición del J’Fest durante abril próximo. Teo, Sam y Yun han logrado gran popularidad a nivel internacional por temas y covers entre los que se encuentra “¡Corre!” de la agrupación mexicana Jesse & Joy. El video cuenta con casi 168 mil vistas en su canal de Youtube officialLUNAFLY. Como parte de la sexta edición del festival de música y moda de Asia (J’Fest), los artistas enfocados en los géneros K’Rock (rock coreano) y K’Pop (pop coreano) ofrecerán dos conciertos: el primero el 5 de abril en el centro de espectáculos Calle 2, de Guadalajara —en la primera edición del J’Fest en este estado- y el segundo el día 13 en el Centro de convenciones Expo Reforma, un día después de su fan meeting. Tras su reciente debut en 2012, Lunafly cuenta ya con una primera producción discográfica titulada “Fly to love”, integrada por un disco con temas en coreano y otro en inglés. En abril de 2013 se presentaron en M Countdown y días después en Music Bank e Inkigayo con canciones de su álbum “Fly to love”, logrando gran respuesta por parte de la audiencia. Entre otros de sus covers se encuentra “Wake me up” de Aviici y “Locked Out Of Heaven” de Bruno Mars, mientras que entre sus canciones se pueden escuchar “Super Hero” y “Fly to love”, tema que da nombre a su disco y en el que por cierto hacen mención de México como un destino al que les gustaría volar por amor, especialmente la playa de Cancún para “bañarse bajo la luna” y navegar alrededor del mundo. Este es el segundo grupo surcoreano en formar parte de la oferta musical del J’Fest, que en su edición pasada trajo a Némesis, banda de K’Rock que presentó lleno total durante su concierto ante mil 400 asistentes. Para la presentación de Lunafly se esperan entre 3 mil y 3 mil 500 espectadores en el concierto de Guadalajara y entre 3 mil 500 y 4 mil en el de la ciudad de México. “Lunafly representa para J’Fest una gran motivación en el equipo de traer gran calidad musical de Asia a México, ahora acercando a más gente en el país (Guadalajara y DF)”, comentó Alejandro Bonilla, director general de Yomu, organizador del evento. Los boletos saldrán a la venta el próximo 18 de enero y podrán consultarse en la página
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What I'm Thankful For...
I was tagged by @VKookie47 @herreravanessa9 @KaiTakashima @staceyholley @KatieRussell to say what groups I'm thankful for. The following groups are the ones that impacted me the most (I'm doing in order from last to first.) Lunafly So, it hasn't been long since I got into Lunafly (probably like 2 months?) You may be asking, why are you thankful of these men? The reason is because their voices put me in ease. Ever since last year, my temper was gone bad. Any little thing ticks me off and I tend to release it by violence or insults towards my youngest brother. I admit that I am going over the line but it's something I can't control and to this point it's still getting worse. But once I found out about these boys, their voices were soothing that it relaxes me to the point that I go to sleep and forget about the anger. With these men, I feel like I go back to myself and feel relief. BTS You guys have no idea how much I want to thank these boys for their music. Months ago, I was on a BTS spree and decided to watch their M/V's with English subtitles and that's when I began to appreciate their music more. I find their words relatable and anyone can look at the words and say, "this is me." It feels like BTS truly understands us especially with the School Trilogy. Their songs make me feel close to them and appreciate every single thing they do for us to see the world clearly with our own eyes. I feel like BTS are the ones who are teaching me about what to expect in life in the mere future than my parents and teachers. EXO This is what's weird. By the time I began to get into EXO in 2013, I lost of one of my greatest friends. She meant the world to me and even though I acted like nothing happened, I was hurt. I was deeply wounded and scarred. I'm still doing okay. We began talking this year again as school started and it feels like I'm being fake in this "friendship". Same thing happened to EXO. They lost 3 of the most beautiful people in their group. They act as if they're okay, but we all know that they are not. They're successful even with 9 group members, but the gap is still there. We relate in such an emotional way. When I saw the fancam of them singing, Promise, I seriously have never cried so hard in my life. That song made me realize so many things and I felt like running to my friend and take my back everything I've told her in respect of our situation. I admit that I eventually wanted to leave the fandom because people seriously don't know how to behave, but at the end, I'm never forget the group that not only has left me plenty of memories but helped me find online friends which some weren't really worth it, but then some that stood by me through all my bad. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING YOU, EXO!! RAISE YOUR CHIN UP AND SHOW THE WORLD WHAT EXO IS REALLY ABOUT!!! Super Junior 3 years ago, I was living such a normal life. I would go out and meet up my friends at the streets just play around. But one morning, I was doing my routine, getting ready to school while watching Top 20. Who knew that just that morning my life would change. Although, at the age of 10 I watched K-Dramas, I loved the OST's but I would only listen to them rather than going in depth of the genre. Well, as I watching the show, this group of men appeared and I was hooked as soon as I laid my eyes on them. The song was extremely catchy but I didn't really catch up to the name of the group and song until a week after. I searched them and BOOM! KPopGaby was BORN! Super Junior were everything to me! And when I found out that fans were shipping them with girl groups, you guys have no idea how angry I would get! I hated ALL girl groups as I became so attached to them and I disliked watching any girl around my boys. (Eventually, I matured after a year haha) Back to the point of this card, I want to thank and basically bow down to my boys. If it wasn't for them, I can't imagine how boring my life could've been! Most importantly, I wouldn't have met you all. Super Junior has showed me so many things that I cherish and will never forget! Even though I haven't listened to Super Junior as much as I used to, I will never forget the ones that changed my life for the better. SUPER JUNIOR SARANGHANDA! FIGHTING!! Everyone, lets appreciate the existence of K-Pop. To most of us, K-Pop was our source of escape, our savior. Lets show people why K-Pop should be part of everyone's life! (credit for all photos to owners)
Tag Challenge: 20 Facts About Me
Warning: this might be a bit long... and sorry this kinda took forever. 1. I'm Mexican-American but a lot of times I get told that I look Asian. So people think that I'm half-Asian half something else. And yes I know both Spanish and English. I'm trying to teach myself Korean. 2. Like I've said before I love Love LOVE anime, Kdramas, manga and Kpop. I just can't help it. But I'm musically diverse so I'll listen to anything really. I like what I like. I have no boundaries. 3. I'm more biased towards EXO and BTS. But there are plenty of other groups I love as well. It's just those two make me feel some type of way 😍❤. For example I also love Topp Dogg, Lunafly, Jay Park, Loco, Crush, Monsta X, Hotshot, Madtown, Got7, Soyou, SNSD, Girl's Day, 4minute, 2ne1, Big Bang and others. I just named a few... I can't really think right now. 4. At first I might be shy and not that talkative but once you get to know me I'm a pretty hyper, weird, random and loud person once you get to know me. (I'm sad because I can't put up Snapchat videos so you could see 😞) 5. I love make up! (Especially lipsticks!) But I don't really wear it much I usually just wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. But I like to mess around with make up.(picture 4 has probably grown in size I need to take an updated picture) 6. I love to dance! And I love to sing! I'm not as confident in my singing...although I was in chorus through out my high school years. I also love to draw! I can't really draw realistic like people's faces and stuff but I like to draw anime characters. But I'm not that confident in them either. 7. I can be super lazy. And I love to sleep! Also I'm pretty forgetful... 😅 8. I love photography and nature! My phone is full of pictures and videos. 9. I want to travel the world! If not I want to at least visit South Korea Japan. 10. I love horror movies so much but I'm still a scaredy cat and can't watch them alone at night. I also love romance, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy supernatural genres too. This is harder than I thought... 11. I'm such a hopeless romantic! When I watch Kdramas or animes that are romantic it's guaranteed that I'll cry at one point. Like for example with Blue Spring Ride and Kimi Ni Todoke, then again maybe it's also because I'm very emotional lol. 12. Do Kyungsoo is my main bias! He's bae! *feels 😭😭💔❤😍❤😭😭😭* Baby Don't Cry is my ultimate favorite number one sing it makes me cry be happy it's just a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I'd be Suho. 13. I love cats and dogs but I don't have any. Well I love animals in general. These are some of my family in Mexico's pets. 14. I honestly feel like I don't change. I look the same when I was a baby until now!! 😖😖 15. My real eye color is indeed brown. 16. I have one brother. I'm older than him by two years. 17. Most people don't think I'm the age I am (currently 20 will be 21 in January). They usually think I'm in between 15-18. 18. I wish I had super powers but that's never going to happen... 😑😑 19. I'm easily amused and my attention span isn't that great. But when I put my mind to it I'll do it! 20. Last but not least I love meeting new people getting to know them. I'm a pretty friendly person and I think I'm ready to get along with. Thank you for taking your time to wanting to know about me 😁. Wow this took so long to make 😱😨 but I still enjoyed it. It's 3:26 am!! Anyways thank toy to those who posted on the original card. @jiyongixoxo @thepinkPrincess @ash2424701 @KellyOConner @Kieuseru @grij809 @NikolasSatterwh @Stevieq @Helixx @TerratoyaSi @LaquandaHope @MadAndrea @DenieceSuit @nenegrint14 and just gonna tag a few more people 😁 hope you don't mind. @danidee @peytoncarter2 @PrettieeEmm @QueenLee @nicolejb @Luci546 @bambamisbae @mirandazamira I don't really remember any others right now sorry. 😞