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1. Guy: What are you doing today? Wanna watch a movie? (오늘 뭐해? 영화나 볼까?) 2. Girl: Today? I have an appointment, though... why? (오늘? 약속있는데 왜?) 3. Guy: Oh... I can't do anything about it... (아... 어쩔수없지 뭐...) 4. Girl: Then I'll try to decide what time. (그럼 약속시간 조 정해볼께!) 5. Guy: Ok! Ok! It's been long time since we last dated! (오키 오키! 간만에 테이트네 ^_^) 6. Girl: Date??? But we're just meeting, that's too much. Hahaha (데이트?? 그냥 만난거지. 오버하긴 ㅎㅎㅎ) 7. Guy: Is it? It's not a date... hahahaha (그...그렇지? 데이트는 아니지!) Guy: Something suddenly came up. It seems that I can't go. Sorry. ㅠ_ㅠ (갑자기 일이 생겨서 못갈것 같아. 미안. ㅠ__ㅠ) 8. Girl: Really? Okay, oh well. (그래? 알겠어 어쩔수없지 ㅠ__ㅠ) Girl: (Thought bubble): Ah! I should just meet him! (어! 내가 가면 되잖아!!) 9. Girl: Oppa! You're so irritating! Where are you? T_T (답답한 오빠! 어디야?!) Girl: Busy? (바빠?) 10. Boy: Yeah. I'm a bit busy right now. I'll text you later~ (응. 지금 좀 바빠서 다시 연락할께~)
@divalycious @saharhyunjoong have you guys heard this song?!?! I have been addicted to this for the longest time and omg the MV look at how cute Baro is!!
@ameliasantos10 chingu i have watched dis MV a few times w eng sub i was gnna share but i forgot sorry thanks 4 tagging me chingu i apsolutely love dis song :-)♥
@saharhyunjoong oh oops hahah but don't you think that this is one of the most adorable songs hahahahah > <
is so beautiful this video music I like