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Top 6 Instagram Caption Mistakes [Don’t Do That Again] Fix It

I want to go over via top Instagram caption mistakes that you aren’t even aware that you’re making that stunting your Instagram growth.

Now, this post isn’t going to point out the obvious mistakes and the obvious mistakes are:

Using bots
Using automation
Using the wrong hashtags
Caring too much about the feed, all of that stuff.

I really want to focus on the non-obvious mistakes. These are mistakes that I have a feeling. A lot of you guys are making that nobody talks about.

And that’s why this article is going to be super fun and super special. Because I know that after reading this post, you are definitely going to change something in your Instagram strategy. No doubt.

I consistently see people making when they are writing their Instagram captions. I constantly see how challenging it is to write engaging and captivating captions for your audience.

we’re going to talk about the six biggest Instagram caption mistakes that I feel like people make that’s really affecting their growth and how they can actually improve getting more followers getting more views on their Instagram account.

These mistakes are just all over the place and a lot of people aren’t even realizing how important their captions actually are.

So if you want to learn what these mistakes are and how you can improve your Instagram account and their growth then keep on reading this post.

Top Common Instagram Caption Mistakes

So if you want to learn about the most common Instagram caption mistakes then you are in the right place. Here we’ll guide you in detail, how you can prevent doing these Instagram caption mistakes.

UN-Meaningful Captions

The first biggest mistake that people make on Instagram is un-meaningful captions.
Now, what do I mean by this?

I mean that the captions that they’re putting on their posts don’t actually relate to the photo they’re not actually meaningful. They’re not going to mean something to your audience and there’s no actual reason for the caption.

No Engaging Hook

Now the second biggest Instagram caption mistake that people make is no engaging hook and what I mean by this is?

There’s nothing in that post that is going to be hooking you into when you click on that post. There’s nothing there to say hey. This is interesting.

NON-Existing Spacing

The third biggest mistake is non-existent spacing and what I mean by this is you’ve gone ahead and you’ve written yourself an amazing caption.

It’s got detail it’s got everything in there that you wanted to post and you’re really happy with the content. Here’s the problem it’s just one big as a paragraph that no one’s really going to be interested in.

Too Many Emojis

Now the fourth biggest Instagram caption mistakes that I see that you may think sounds a bit silly but in my personal preference that’s my opinion so you might not agree with this but I reckon need to make sure that you don’t have too many emoji.

Meme Me

The fifth biggest Instagram caption mistake is the caption is all about meme me. Make sure that your caption is actually something that people can relate to.

I mean in a way you can tell a story about yourself and how you may have overcome that fear that hurdle. Whatever it might have been you tell your story and how it happened.

No Call To Action

From number six and I probably think this is the biggest Instagram caption mistake that a lot of people make this they have no call to action and in my opinion, it’s something that just gets overlooked.

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