Sharjah is the third-largest city of the United Arab Emirates. It is a hub of various economic activities and has an immense amount of exposure to residential and commercial developments. As the Emirates continues to enjoy its expanding economy market, the limitations regarding unethical business practices increase. Therefore, the country requires settlements and businesses that utilize the sources of sustainable development. This will ensure that the fast-moving economic growth is not compromising with the opportunities of the future generation.


Sustainable development can be referred to as a way of advancement that ensures the conservation of resources and energy. It makes sure that future generations have equal or better access to the necessary resources as the existing generation. Sustainability is a global framework for all forms of economic and social advancements. For a brighter future, the world must deal with the issues of climate change, overpopulation, pollution, and biodiversity loss. The pandemic has taught the global community many significant lessons; including the importance of sustainable development. In order to cope with the massives losses from the COVID 19 pandemic, it is essential for our generation to become resilient and adapt to the global changes. It is the best opportunity for us to shift towards low carbon investments and infrastructure.


Through cooperation between Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, Shurooq, and UAE sustainable communities developer and Diamond Developers, Sharjah Sustainable City is a project that aims to create a town that encourages the practices of sustainability. Located in the Al Rahmaniya area, It is an integrated community with environmentally friendly policies. It acquires 7.2 million sq of land and offers a variety of residential options. The construction of the facility is suggested to be completed in four distinct phases. The popular project will be offering 1,120 villas for sale.

The first phase of construction has been completed which includes 280 villas and 100 apartments. The infrastructure is top-notch with all the residential facilities available for the citizens. As the experts have already experienced the construction of the world-class sustainable city in Dubai, the progress is much faster and effective. You can explore the area and find yourself a villa that will suit best for your family. Three, four, and five-bedroom exquisite townhouses from 2035 sq.ft to 3,630sq.ft are available with modern architecture and top-notch facilities. The whole project is set to reach its final condition by the end of the year 2023.


The project management is carried out by experienced and skilled professionals. There are ample amount of facilities and amenities available for the community members to live a happy and satisfactory life. The experts are there to make sure that residents are getting all social, economic, and environmental benefits of a sustainable community.


One of the most important features of a sustainable community is to utilize renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry is a global polluter with an exceptionally high carbon footprint. To avoid unnecessary pollution, Sharjah Sustainable City will shift to solar energy to fulfill its power requirements. It is going to be the first completely solar-powered community in Sharjah. Solar panels will be installed throughout the landscape to make energy-efficient construction possible. Furthermore, the water supply will be carried out in a manner to conserve as much water as possible. 100% of the water will be further recycled and used for irrigation purposes. This will also lead towards a cost-effective system where there will be savings of about 50% of the water bill and 100% of the electricity bill.


The location of Sharjah Sustainable City increases its value and worth sufficiently. Transport facilities are present nearby for commute purposes. It is also built closer to the International airports of Sharjah and Dubai, this is especially suitable for international visitors who are willing to get involved with the lively community.


Sustainable City in Sharjah will offer a sustainable school for children to increase awareness about environmental issues. The school will follow an absolve K-12 green curriculum. The K-12 curriculum is carefully designed to equip students with scientific knowledge regarding ethical consumption. The subject of green chemistry is provided to foster the creativity and innovation of the students. Moreover, It increases the interests of the student body for STEM subjects and scientific research projects. Therefore, more students are encouraged to join green communities that work hard for an environmentally sustainable future.


The irrigation system in Sharjah Sustainable City will be extraordinary as recycled water will be utilized to the best of its capacity. The construction of an urban farm would be an important step forward in decreasing the carbon footprint of the growing community. It will also decline air pollution as a huge chunk of land will be covered with a generous amount of trees. The members will be allowed to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs which will foster biodiversity. The outdoor community will be organic and the garden will serve for a peaceful space for people to connect with nature and enjoy their daily life.


Health facilities and regular check-ups will be provided to the community members at the health clinics. Pharmacies will be built to sell legal medicines and provide immediate service for patients in need. The staff will be professional and well equipped to counter any emergencies one might face.


The community spirit and communication is what makes a community socially sustainable. For this reason, the facilities provided at Sharjah Sustainable City will also offer a unique mall for entertainment. It would be a wonderful place to hang out with your friends and family. People could go shopping at various retail shops. Additionally, restaurants and dining halls would welcome the families for a lovely meal. A green mosque will be built inside the plaza for people to pray comfortably. There would also be a nursery for toddlers.


Sustainability Experience Center will play a major role in uplifting the sustainability values of the project. It will be a space that influences community members as well as the partners of the project to absorb the concept of sustainable development and its importance. The center will be educating people through seminars and workshops. Government entities will be motivated and welcomed to join or host a session inside the center to create awareness about diverse issues. Furthermore, the NGOs that are linked with the project development will be conducting workshops alongside students of numerous universities and colleges. This would help in inducing a culture of sustainability within and outside the community.


Sharjah Sustainable City will contain two swimming pools for the community. Men and women will have access to different swimming pools to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort related to gender issues. The pool would be the best place for people to relieve their stress and also join in for healthy physical activity. For people who like to stay fit and healthy, the community gym will be open for individuals to gain membership. The outdoor parks will be the best place for people to enjoy the company of each other and have meaningful conversations. In addition to that, the Kindergarten facility and the kid’s outdoor area would ensure that your children are taking advantage of a blooming environment for their growth.

Step into the future by becoming a member of the Sharjah Sustainable City. It is the best place for your family to stay and find peace in a beautiful and sustainable community. The amenities are extraordinary and will assist you in providing the finest life for your loved ones. Sustainability is what the current world demands and the team behind Sharjah Sustainable City is ready to deliver it for the existing and upcoming generations.
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Advantages of Using Salon Booking Software in your Salon Business
Due to Corona Pandemic, all traditional notebook followed businesses are going towards lockdown situations, to get out of these situations all this type of business needs digital booking solutions related to businesses. For your salon-related business, people are rushing to get salon appointments as soon as possible via good Salon Booking Software. Lockdown has ended in the country but the salon business needs to follow more precautions and social distancing even during busy or regular days at the salon. For managing bookings and running your salon’s daily functions smoothly, you need a better digital solution to handle all the things related to appointments. If your salon business is thinking of investing in a good Salon Booking App or Salon Booking Software, then this is the right time to do so. This digital step takes some responsibility to your shoulders automatically. In this current scenario, more and more salon owners are investing in Salon Booking Software to grow his business effectively. However, some salon owners find that use of a booking app is a little bit difficult. To rid out of these problems your salon business needs the simplest and secure Salon Booking App. Setting up a Salon Software is not difficult but a good booking app gives some basic features to your business that give the trust to invest in an appointment booking app. Benefits of Salon Appointment Book App for your Salon 1. No need to track your bookings via phone calls Customers are not liking unnecessary waiting for their treatments, so they make an appointment that is best for its time arrangements. You won’t believe that making calls for appointments is a little bit difficult. It is bad nightmares for any salon owner that your valuable customers book an appointment that is unavailable for that time slot, to get out of these situations you need to check all bookings manually or your salon needs a full time desk person to manage all calls and appointments. Customers need 24*7 service and a quick response to its appointments. But if your salon has a Salon Booking App, all these booking-related things are managed easily and give solutions in a couple of seconds. App gives the features to customers to book an appointment that is suitable for its time. 2. Options in Booking Management Change in booking appointments is common and used to things in the salon business. If salon owners don’t give the options to their customers related to his bookings like cancellations & postponement or time changing bookings it will affect his business. With the Online Salon Booking App, it is easy to manage all these changes in any customer’s appointments. 3. Different Payments Methods In these COVID-19 situations, any salon needs to promote social distancing and minimize physical touch. Many people are aware of the different payment systems like Cards, Wallets & UPI. if the booking app supports different payment methods, it will boost up your salon business. 4. Full Appointment Details in notifications If any customer book an appointment via call, it is possible they can forget the information related appointment. In any Salon Booking App, there is a common feature called Dashboard. With the help of a personal dashboard, the user or customers will be able to keep a track of all the past bookings and future appointments in one place and also the app sends notifications related to appointment details like date & time, and professional names, etc. In addition, the App also sends a notification to the user based on changes regarding your booking like postpone, cancellations of appointments. Salon Software provides instant notification service and that too is cross-platform and works on multiple devices at the same time. 5. Better Customer-oriented Services In many bookings, users make an appointment with a particular professional hairdresser for its treatments. Salon Booking Software salon owners keep a track of the number of appointments related to each and every salon professionals, so it is helpful to manage employee’s schedules and productivity of the salon. Conclusion: Salon Booking Software is a faster, easier way for customers as well as salon businesses to take work and manage it according to their availability. Use Salon Software and forget the maintenance of old heavy register books and calendars for your salon business. It’s not an option, Salon Booking Software is the tonic for any Salon Businesses.
Top 5 Reasons For Growing Demand Of Zend Framework Development Company During This Pandemic Outbreak
As we all are managing the work during this COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for a customized PHP Development Company has risen considerably. While all businesses are going digital nowadays, the demand of this preferred language of website development is definitely mounting. The recognition of this universal, sever-based scripting language has resulted in the development various PHP frameworks, among which PHP Zend framework stands on the top. Folks, choosing the right framework for your business requirement have always been a daunting task. If you go for Zend framework Development, you are sure to get customized, fast, and most updated website development services. Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons for choosing a Zend framework Development Company for a business. i. Great error tolerance and flexible framework What stands best about Zend PHP framework is that it gives loads of programming flexibility to a PHP Zend framework developer, wherein he/she has the liberty to try new features and codes without any stress about occurrence of significant errors. Zend development allows the developers to test diverse codes for developing customize Zend applications that perfectly suit every client’s business requirements. In fact, there is an easy way out to rectify the errors too! Isn’t it too brilliant to go for? ii. Add-ons to enhance the range Another attractive feature of PHP Zend framework is that it can offer out of the box features to support customized Zend development requirements, with a few add-ons. With a wide range of extensions and library scripts for trouble-free Zend development, the framework is good to go! With PHP Zend framework, it is smooth for a PHP Development Company to plan, implant and execute extensions for tailored enterprise applications development. iii. Striking MVC Features How can we miss to mention outstanding MVC features that come up with Zend! These features put it into a far better and applicable framework for customized web development. With MVC architecture, Zend permits neat and clean coding and code wrapping with excellent application package, ultimately allowing far superior web alignment and improved web application performance. What is more? It is quite easy to reuse the code with an independent testing in MVC architecture. Thus, you can be sure that while employing MVC framework as a developer, you get simple and rapid web development, which is the need of the hour. iv. Great Backup Support from Zend Community With Zend, it does not matter if the web application is small, complex, or large, you can handle it well due to huge backup support by Zend developers’ community. You can stay updated with the latest technology and reformed solutions for all types of errors from this online active Zend community. v. Cost Savvy Hiring a PHP Development Company for your website needs is definitely a win-win situation for your business. Zend framework is based on the PHP open source technology, which comes free for all users. This makes it a well-in-budget affair for the companies. With so many reasons to prefer Zend framework in PHP, why not choose this application development platform and avail the benefits? Companies like Taction Software are very much suitable for any size of business and is well in budget too. So, contact such PHP Development Company and shine on!
Priming an online store for success
Ecommerce has grown manifolds across the decade gone by. The numbers of businesses who now choose to take their brick and mortar stores online are more. Similarly, the end consumers are also more confident about making payments online. There are more online stores now than one could ever imagine earlier. While the industry thrives, the competition is also on an upswing. It hence becomes important that an online store delivers an excellent customer experience and is characterized by a combination of top-notch functionality and aesthetics. Sales must also be one of the prime focus areas, besides branding. The best eCommerce Development Company in Odisha gets the combination right for you. Priming an online store for success The design of online malls must be state-of-the-art and made in sync with the trending styles across domains. This accentuates branding and lets and eCommerce website comes by as a true reflection of a brand. eCommerce SEO The right sort of presentation for an online store brings in more sales. The design and development part of an online mall must follow the best practices. This reflects over a store’s SEO performance. Similarly, when the end-customer experience is good, this reflects over the average view times. Higher view times further reflect over the SEO performance of an eCommerce website. Higher visibility enables an eCommerce store to thrive and succeed. Dedicated white hat SEO efforts must hence be undertaken to ensure higher visibility of a website. SEO efforts must be strategic and defined based upon the unique circumstances surrounding a website, and the business owner’s budget. SEO strategies deliver the best performance when carried out in sync with each other. Paid and free marketing techniques should ideally both be used in a combination. Choosing the right platform for an eCommerce store Choosing the right platform for creating a store is also equally important. A few of the most popular eCommerce platforms are Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, which a WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites made over WordPress. Choosing the right platform for creating an eCommerce depends over factors such as: How frequently one intends to make changes to the online mall Ease of running offers Scalability of the web store for the future How many products and categories one intends to have over the store Time to market A few platforms call for detailed coding skills, while others such as Wix make creating an online store simpler with the use of drag and drop elements. Responsive web stores The vast majority of search engine interactions nowadays take place over smartphones, and it is important to make sure that eCommerce websites are highly responsive. The websites and products must be displayed in the most suitable formats and call to action links must stay easily usable. Similarly, the text and images must also present themselves nicely based upon screen sizes and devices. The best eCommerce Development Company in Odisha makes only responsive online malls. Secure transactions and websites Keeping an eCommerce website secure ensures safety for customer data and confidential information. Payment gateways and shopping carts must be customer friendly and must allow a buyer to complete transactions in a few easy steps. For secure and reliable websites, contact the best eCommerce Development Company in Odisha today.
Features of classified website development
Sometimes people think about how to start a website like OLX, because such projects allow you to get good, and most importantly, constant passive income. The first thing you need is to calculate the estimated amount of investment, as well as the possible profit. Next, you need to study the intricacies of web development for such a portal. There are two ways to build websites - from scratch or open source. Each of them has pros and cons and is suitable for specific situations. Open-source solution Mostly open source solutions involve using WordPress themes. The advantages are ease of use, good versatility. In case of lack of a particular function, you can easily solve the problem by installing a plugin. The best theme options for creating a site like OLX are Classifields, Classiads, FlatAds, ListingPro, Classify. The advantages of this option for creating a website: 1. Cost. She is usually short. Domain and hosting can be highlighted among the significant expenses - it will cost about $ 200. Most of the themes are available free of charge, but if you want to use rich and colorful options, you need to pay $ 200-1000. Plugins are also presented both free and paid. 2. Development time. WordPress is a kind of builder, from which it is easy to assemble what you need. Technically, this suggests that there is no need for development. Therefore, the creation time takes from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days, taking into account the design ideas and the complexity of the project. 3. Simplicity. It will even be possible to make a website on your own. To do this, you need to read the instructions, for example, on YouTube, have basic programming skills and some free time. There are also disadvantages. These include fairly limited settings. Changes are possible, but usually not too varied. To make more radical changes, you cannot do without the help of a developer. Another drawback is the lack of support from plugin and theme developers. Many functions are boilerplate, there are scalability and security issues. Development from scratch The main advantage of creating a website from scratch is the ability to get exactly those functions that are needed in a particular case. Other important pluses include: 1. The architecture is scalable. It will be designed for the required number of users, transactions, ads. 2. Full customization is allowed. It is possible to adapt the design, functions, user experience to the needs of the target audience. In the future, you can adjust the element to the reaction of users. 3. Good security. Personally, you can implement the desired levels of protection, avoiding boilerplate solutions. You will be able to achieve the highest security level of personal information, user base, transactional and financial information. 4. MVP. There is an opportunity to first develop a minimally efficient product, test it, practically avoiding risks. And later it will turn out to change the site, supplement its functionality and improve it in general. The disadvantages of this method include the higher development cost. It also takes more time.T here is no exact answer to the question of which approach is better. In each case, you can choose one or another method depending on the goals, the possibility of attracting investors, safety and reliability.
Creating the finest of website across domains using WordPress
Websites with prime functionality have high acceptance rates in terms of end-customers and reflect on ROIs. Hence a website must be oriented towards the end-user in each of its aspects. A quintessential feature for web development services is an all-round customization. This enables a website to meet client requirements in the finest of ways. Web development should also be oriented towards ensuring that a website stays secure against cyber threats. A high degree of security for customer data is hence ensured. To ensure that the front-end and back-end perform seamlessly, the web designer and web development teams must operate in a close coordination. Transparent work processes reflect over project turnaround times and create websites that are a perfect match for clients’ business requirements. An organized approach makes it easier to complete the projects within budgets. Mobile optimization ensures that a website delivers a top-grade performance across all devices. With 90% of customer interactions nowadays taking place over smartphones, keeping a website mobile optimized delivers rich dividends. An advantage of using Wordpress is that a web developer accesses responsive web technology by default. But a developer should check a website’s performance across devices and see if the responsiveness of a website needs to be customized. Factors that make WordPress Advantageous for web development Wordpress websites are exceedingly popular and each day, 50,000 new WordPress websites are launched over the internet. The best web development company in Odisha creates top performing WordPress websites across domains, such as blogging, fintech, banking, e-commerce, news and logistics. WordPress is defined by its versatility. Web development keeps WordPress websites innovative. It is the finest option for creating multi-page enterprise-grade websites. SEO considerations should play a role at every stage in website development. WordPress websites are characterized by creative expertise. They also feature a flawless functionality, easy navigation, neat designs and quick loading times. The SEO performance stays high, but strategic efforts towards SEO ensure that a website attracts traffic from the desired consumer cross-section demographics. The best web development company in Odisha accomplishes the same for your organization Requisite implementation of WordPress themes makes the websites easy to customize. Theme integration allows a website to have the right kind of an aesthetic appearance. Similarly, with the implementation of WordPress plugins, the functionality of the website enhances and becomes easier to use. Plugins make it easier to incorporate, APIs and custom post types within a website. The best web development company in Odisha ensures that WordPress plugins and third-party software integrate seamlessly with your website. Loading times and a website’s functionality stay top-notch and the front-end and the back-end alike deliver prime functionality. In total, WordPress has over 55,000 plugins. As an example, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. Similarly with the top-class social media integration features offered by WordPress, one can create posts and monitor accounts from the WordPress backend, as a single dedicated destination. There is no requirement to log on to social media accounts individually. In order to keep a WordPress website’s functionality top-notch, a web development company in Odisha should deliver end-to-end services. This enables a business to derive maximum advantage of WordPress’s flexible features.
Bright Future of Flutter in Mobile Applications Development
Flutter is a user interface (UI) software product developed by Google for creating beautiful, built-in applications compatible with iOS and Android. It is a new open-source SDK (Software development kit) designed based on one codebase. Flutter development services aim to change the experience of mobile phone users by delivering quality and highly optimized applications. With advances in technology, Flutter is the future of mobile development that offers developers a fast and interactive way of building applications. The expectations of mobile users keep growing in terms of stunning designs, creative animations and high performance apps. Thus, app developers need to stay abreast by implementing innovative features with high-quality consumer standards. Below are key elements that separate Flutter from other popular mobile technologies. Key Features · Flutter is a free, open-source mobile application development framework. · It is built on Dart programming language, which is object-oriented. · It is a new mobile technology that is affordable with an easy-to-use interface. · It has an automatic feature called Hot Reload that enables developers to create top-notch apps in record time. Advantages of Flutter App Development Mobile application development requires time, effort and resources to come up with beautiful designs that are appealing to the end-user. Flutter is rapidly becoming popular among app developers despite it being a new tech product in the industry. It not only lowers costs but also speeds up the process of developing apps with stunning end-results. The following are advantages of Flutter app development: · Faster Coding With the automatic Hot Reload feature in place, developers enjoy more straightforward coding since they can view their work on a real-time basis with each progress. It prevents frequent reloading, thus, speeding up the coding phase. It enhances efficiency and productivity for the entire business team. · Cross-platform compatibility in the design It is developed with the application design and critical functions in mind as an end-result. Therefore, the technology comprises of numerous appealing widgets that are customizable depending on the preference of the developer. · Single-code base Flutter is written in one programming language known as Dart. The single code enables developers to create one application that is compatible with different platforms such as Android and iOS without causing any technical issues. · Enhances teamwork The new mobile technology improves relationships between business owners and customers by delivering quality apps within a shorter period. Also, developers, managers, and designers work well with the UI software since it aims to create appealing designs for the user. · Google support Google owns Flutter; hence, it is a reliable piece of software that is still a work in progress. In case of any complications, you can contact Google support for a responsive solution. · Native application It is built specifically for Android and iOS mobile devices. Thus, its ability to function optimally and non-problematically is quite high. The software is fully optimized to support the mobile interface with high performance and appealing visuals, guaranteeing satisfactory user experience. Disadvantages · Suitable for mobile apps It is designed to cater only for the iOS and Android future apps. Web application development is not yet available since the technology is still making leaps. · Large file sizes It consumes a lot of storage space, which end users do not have due to the nature of the mobile phones. They may opt to use apps with smaller file sizes. Developers usually avoid complex images and animation to compress the app’s size. Flutter thrives on large libraries and massive files. · Insufficient third-party libraries Since it is a new technology, free packages from other sources are inaccessible. The resource library and tool list are gradually on the rise. Other top-rated technologies have readily available software libraries online. Conclusion Developers are in constant search of mobile application frameworks that are easy to learn with exceptional performance and readily accessible tools, not forgetting custom widgets and available updates. Flutter is definitely the future of mobile app development with all the features that support the process of creating beautiful apps within a short time. Google developed this SDK to aid developers in increasing quality with cross-platform UI software. So, businesses and app developers should consider incorporating Flutter development in their mobile applications since it improves productivity and does not compromise on quality.
How to increase your salon productivity with Salon Booking App?
In this era of digitalization, every business owner wants to develop their business and make online for the same. Nowadays salon and spa related businesses also go online like online appointment booking, online scheduling for treatment, online book chair of the salon, etc. So if you are any salon or spa owner and want to do the same then let’s start discussing that. Our team brings for your business the best Salon Booking App. If you are in the salon business quite a long time ago and you feel like you need a Salon Booking App to run your business smoothly and conveniently with features like booking or maintenance of your salon. Booking App is used to overcome the productivity issues from your parlor and make your salon run as easily as possible. This scheduling app comes with lots of features that will affect your salon business. Attract new clients Any business in this world needs new customers to run his business successfully and effectively. With the Salon business, not a single person is waiting for its turn, so your business needs a good Salon Booking Software that gives the exact time slot and professionals for the client’s booking. Digital Choice to old appointment books In this revolutionary digital world, you are facing problems to maintain a logbook so we are providing digital solutions for this. Salon Appointment Book App easily helps to manage your booking and appointments for your business more easily and accurately. Your business does not require maintaining old logbooks and all these things. In short, your smartphone’s Salon Booking App adds as many bookings as you want – simple and convenient. Better trustworthiness What could be a more terrible incident for a hair salon than losing the appointment books? If your all data will be lost and you do not have any option to recover it, you are facing a big problem dealing with your customer. Hopefully, with the Salon Booking Software, your shop never deals with this type of chaotic problem. All your information is safe whatever you lose your smartphone because all of your bookings will be backed up, so you can retrieve it easily. Security is one of the strongest features of any Salon Booking App. Other Useful Features All of the above important features of App, Salon Booking Software supports more aspects such as admin panels or digital logbook of your salon, booking a favorite salon with desired time, locations, and pricing, instant notification of the booking or any changes like cancelation, postpone, multiple payment options like PayPal, wallets or different cards, better customer services, flexible booking management, for example, cancel the appointment, postpone it and this all with just the touch of a button. Conclusion Managing a hair salon business is not an easy thing without being organized, numbers of problems can arise, which will directly heat work output or profits. With the help of the Salon Booking App, many of your business-related problems can disappear, and you run your business successfully. You can book as many as booking for your salon and you don’t face any appointment related problems. A Salon Appointment Book App helps to run your beauty salon functions easily.