Remap FAQ's

Having carried out a full danger assessment and established that we will proceed to work without endangering our prospects or our staff, we are pleased to announce that according to the federal government recommendation that if you are able to return to work and unable to earn a living from home, we at the moment are taking bookings for remaps as of Friday 12th June 2020. In easy terms you've got full peace of mind where our Viezu tuning is anxious. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation, Viezu tracks the quality of our work, complaints and issues. Because of this within the extremely unlikely occasion you expertise a priority directly attributed to considered one of our remaps, now we have a sturdy, transparent and unbiased course of to assist.

In regard to improved gasoline effectivity, this really will depend on the way you drive your automobile. Speeding via gears, sudden and quick acceleration, speeding and sudden braking can have a damaging effect in your gasoline financial system, increasing consumption as much as forty% While that is true whether or not you remap your engine or not, the combination of remapping and clean driving will supply better gasoline efficiency than good driving on its own.

Automobile Remapping

Raise your vehicle or vans performance, driving experience and fuel efficiency with our remapping service! Our remaps All are tried every remap is totally secure & reliable, if you are searching for more power or better fuel economy, & tested on our MAHA 4WD dyno at Leicester or a mix of both. Most makes & models can be found whether It's a gas or diesel car we have got it covered

If you're searching locally and for car remapping bring your vehicle us and we will do the rest.

Basically, remapping is the process of adjusting the producers default settings and software on the ECU. It's changed with alternative, typically bespoke software program, customised to vehicle and owner specs. This must be carried out in fact inside authorized limitations. In the course of the remapping process, the previous software is overwritten. This occurs rapidly once the updated version is plugged into the autos serial port. While the process is simple, the software program shouldn't be and so remapping is best carried out by knowledgeable industry experts.