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"Oh, God! I'm cumming again," Sarah moaned. "Your slave is exquisite. Why don't you stop now, slave, and let us talk. Go sit with your Mistress and I'll sit with my slave. It's hard to hold a conversation when I'm cumming constantly."

"Yes, Mistress."

We switched slaves. Jiao knelt at Sarah's feet. My slave knelt at mine.

"Do you believe you were sufficiently pleasing to our guest, slave?" I asked.

"Yes, Domina. She climaxed multiple times."

"Would you like to be rewarded?"

"Yes, Domina. I'd like to cum please."

"You must earn it by pleasuring me first."

"Yes, Domina." She immediately began the task of making me cum. I sighed. She was so good siti a pagamento porno mature

"Tell me more," Sarah said. "I heard William is going to be holding a naked masked ball at his house?"

"A Valentine's Day Costumed Ball next week. I've heard from Evelyn they have some surprises planned. I'm not supposed to know, but she couldn't keep it a secret. All the slaves will put their collars in a big bowl and the blindfolded Dominant's will draw out a collar in an order determined by lots. The slave will belong to the Dominant who draws their collar for the night beginning before the dinner and dance. Since there are more sex slaves than Dominants, they'll cycle through again until all the collars are gone. I could finagle you an invitation if you're interested."

"Very intriguing. Give me a day to think on it. Update me on Shasta?"

"Bill flew her and her family to New York between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They did all the touristy things, like skate at Rockefeller Center and visit the Statue of Liberty. Of course, it was the coldest weather they'd ever been in, but Bill gave both Shasta and Bernice fur coats. He took Cedric to the biggest toy store in New York with his daughter, Madeline, and had them both pick out whatever toy they wanted for Christmas. He told Shasta he was happy Madeline got to meet black people as she didn't associate with minority children often. She and Cedric became bosom buddies while they were there. Bill had to work some of the time, but Evelyn showed them the sights during the day. Bill joined them at night and weekends. They saw some Broadway shows, dined at world class restaurants. Everyone had a good time."

"Did Sean go?"

"No. We couldn't afford to lose both workers as business was already picking up from our website. Shasta and Sean are engaged now, but she keeps putting off the wedding. Every so often, she has to test him, make sure he's not going to try controlling her. She'll fuck some other guy in front of him, but so far, he's adapted to his circumstances and I think they'll eventually get married."

"I heard Sean also fucked Shasta's mother. Do you think that will continue after they wed?"

"I don't know. Bernice might feel differently about fucking Shasta's husband then she does about fucking her slave. She doesn't have to look after Cedric all the time anymore, so she might find her own boyfriend, but who knows. Life takes some strange twists.

"As you know, we put Shasta in charge of the construction end of our business. She's done a marvelous job and we couldn't do it without her, but we're constrained by our manufacturing facility here. Even though we're just doing king size and larger beds, business is booming. I think a lot of people are at least playing at Dominance and submission. If they have the money, a lot of them are buying our beds because they don't look like bondage furniture. We're starting to get backed up again."

"What are you doing to fix it?"

"A couple things. Any order we don't think we can build in a reasonable amount of time is getting delivered to Bill's facilities to build, but we have an even better plan for our lack of space; a new house, partly paid for by William. He doesn't want us falling behind on our orders. Our lot is big enough we can put a house twice this size on the property. Master and Bill are going to put a new house on the lot with a much bigger and better equipped fabrication facility downstairs, with lots of sound proofing so we don't bother the neighbors. It would almost work like an assembly line with some top grade woodworking tools. We won't have to use the tools in the garage. Raw materials go straight into the basement and can get worked on down there.

"The top two floors will be bigger also, with a lot more bedrooms. One kid now, two on the way, lots of guests who visit. We need the space. In order to have more space for the larger house, we'll have to move the pool and hot tub, but we'll do that plus add some more exercise space, including a dojo like place for us to practice martial arts. We'll also have higher privacy fences since everyone is always naked. Master is planning a lot of the same modifications for our house as he made for Bill's. There won't be a room inside that doesn't have a place to punish a naughty slave. Probably places outside too."

I'd had two more orgasms, so I pulled my slave into my lap. She cuddled against my bare breasts. Well, bare except for slave piercings. Since I'd stopped having to breast feed Lucas, I'd had my nipples pierced like Lisa and Rhonda. I began stroking her pussy to give her some orgasms as a reward for being pleasing to me. Unfortunately, as she was going to have a baby, she hadn't gotten any of her slave piercings yet. She did have a tattoo on her mons matching Lisa's and mine. We'd added another vine to ours to signify we now had another slave sister.

"Where will you stay while your new house is built?"

"Chen and Janet have offered some space at their house, but it's not very feasible. They don't have enough room for all of us. Janet had her child so that's one less room they have available. I can't see all of us crowding into two smaller bedrooms. We'd be sitting on top of one another, no matter how convenient it is. We'll probably end up renting a big house. It's not decided yet. Bill is also going to pay for some of the crews from LA who worked on his house to work on ours to get it done faster."

"I heard Rhonda's on day shift now siti celebrita fake ?"

"Thank the Lord. The staggered sleep schedules were horrible. She got to spend Friday and Saturday with us on our schedule, then back to working nights and sleeping during the day. It sucked. I know it wore her out sometimes. Her sleep is more regular now and we get to play together more frequently."

"How are Scott's Mom and Dad?"

"Doing well. Dan's really improved his poker game. He's been winning slaves some of the time. He allows Sandy to be auctioned off, but sometimes, buys her himself, just so she experiences the thrill of being sold."

Sarah laughed. "How are Wendy and her girlfriend/boyfriend combo doing?"

"Unfortunately, Anthony went into the army. He turned into a real stud and both Shannon and Wendy miss him, though they still get to see him on furloughs. It's been harder for Wendy to deceive her parents now Tony's not part of the group, so when she really wants to fuck Shannon, they usually come here. They're also hoping to find a new boyfriend. Tony doesn't care. He has a very relaxed attitude about sex. I think we rubbed off on them a little. They're searching, but haven't found a replacement yet they both agree on. He has to be both a good fucker and a good cunt licker. Apparently, the combination is somewhat hard to find in their age group. It would be fun to train another male again, but they can probably do it themselves, if they can find someone to listen to their instruction."

Sarah laughed again. "That's hilarious. When's Lisa due?"

"About three weeks after Becky." I rubbed Becky's ripe belly, then wiped a little of the Sarah's and my cum from her face. "Becky conceived at the end of June so she has roughly six or seven weeks left."

"She really is adorable isn't she?"

"Perfectly adorable. She's the only person I've ever met who seems as submissive as I am. She's so eager to please everyone. That's why she's such a talented cunt licker. She strives for perfection to be pleasing." I kissed her and she cuddled me. "Master says she also sucks cock better than anyone her age he ever met. He said it usually takes years of experience to be so good. By the way, we no longer have restrictions about Master fucking only slaves. If you wanted to fuck him, you're welcome."

"I remember when you first invited me here, I thought it was only so he could fuck me. Instead I ended up fucking you and a few others, including Jerry, but he never touched me. Yeah, I could see fucking him now. He certainly gets a lot of practice."

"He's the best lover I know," I said. "We love him dearly."

"So tell me the truth. Did you know Becky wasn't taking birth control when Scott fucked her all weekend?"

"You think I'd set up my Master just because I wanted her as a slave? That would be a very deceptive and shitty thing for a slave to pull on her Master."

"That's what I'm asking."

"I barely knew the girl." I stroked her hair and kissed her again. "I'd spent maybe twelve hours with her before Master started fucking her. How would I know she would become such an ideal slave? Personally, I think it was fate."


"Yes, fate. Fate she delivered pizzas to our house. Fate she seemed interested enough I wanted to ask her back. Fate she came back despite her fear of doing so. Fate she liked fucking women. Fate she liked fucking men who knew how to fuck. Fate she stopped her birth control. Fate she was careless enough to forget to tell us. Fate Master was fucking her around her ovulation, and fate she caught. Maybe I should add fate Master could accept that accidents happen and add her to our coterie."

"So Scott's forgiven her?"

"How could he not. She's so fucking adorable." I kissed her again and caressed her cunt. "That's not to say there weren't some rough spots. Master insisted she submit practically from the start. I think primarily, he wanted to punish her and felt she needed to be a slave to do so adult cams

"How did he punish her? Did he spank her, whip her, what?" Sarah asked.

"No. He put her on the Slave Trainer for two whole days. He even bought one of the plug-in models from MD so he wouldn't have to change the units when the battery went dead. She was miserable. We had to confine her hands to keep her from masturbating. I gave her like fifteen orgasms as soon as she got off it. Took maybe twenty minutes."

"Any punishments for the rest of you?"

"I got the Slave Trainer for a day, because I was the one who invited her into our home, so he held me more responsible. Rhonda and Lisa both got twelve hours for not thinking to ask themselves. Plus Lisa spanked me. One hundred swats with The Enforcer, though she wasn't as brutal as she could have been."

"Why did she spank you?"

"I was the one who really pushed for Becky joining us for the weekend, and she knew I hoped Becky would eventually join us. She went along even though she had her doubts. Because of the way it happened; Becky getting pregnant instead of all of us agreeing she could join, she was upset. Plus she wasn't the next one to get pregnant, Becky was. We were supposed to be taking turns getting pregnant and it was her turn, but Becky beat her to it. Master said he didn't care if both of them were pregnant at once, so she got to have her baby anyway, but it pissed her off. I don't blame her."

"What about Scott? He could have asked himself?"

"He could have. He did blame himself for not thinking to ask. Said his dick took over for his brain."

"Like half the men on the planet," Sarah opined. "He couldn't wear a Slave Trainer himself. Who punished him for fucking up, or did he get off Scott free? Pardon the pun."

"His father, Dan. Gave him a walloping on his bare ass so hard he couldn't sit down for hours."

Becky giggled. "We all watched, Mistress. I'd never seen a grown man get smacked like a little boy before. I had a lot of respect for Master realizing he should be punished too. Almost made two days on the Slave Trainer worth it. Almost. Watching him take his whacking, made me realize I could be a sex slave. I probably already was in my heart. I wanted to obey when Domina and Master told me to do things. I did obey, but I'd been afraid of being punished. I realized it wouldn't be as bad as I thought it was, and it hasn't been."

"So is Becky your slave or Scott's?"

"Ultimately, we're all Scott's, but I trained her and Master told me I'm responsible for her. But she's pretty much submissive to everyone here, even Rhonda."

"So all's well that ends well."

"It's ended well. I have no complaints," I said. "I do have one more piece of news."

"What's that?"

"William Thornhill is thinking of buying himself a 500 million dollar yacht. He thinks we should all go on a month long cruise to Bora Bora or someplace exotic."

"Who's we?"

"Well, him, Evelyn and Regina, of course. All of us, including Master's parents. Jerry and Chen and theirs, Sam Evans and his slaves, Brianna and some of her slaves. Shasta and her family, although Cedric might be too old to see some of the things I expect on this cruise. I don't know if he would invite the rest of the poker group or if he only wants the Dominants and submissives to go. Right now, it's a question of logistics for all of the people involved. We'd have to shut down our company for the whole time. Alice might be the only employee who didn't go if the poker group got invited. Of course, Bill's furniture company is capable of building our other beds as well, so we could take the vacation if we needed to. We'd have to wait for a few months after Lisa and Becky deliver, and who looks after the kids? Maybe we'd drop them all off at Brianna's. They have a multitude of children there now. Someone would have to manage Master's and Chen's businesses. Rhonda and Marcia would both need leaves of absence from their jobs. I don't know if they can take a month's vacation. It might have to be something shorter, but everyone is excited about the possibility."

"I would be too. It sounds fabulous."

"I look at it like a month of almost unlimited fucking. No work and all play. What could be better than that?"

My facile fingers were making Becky cum. She gasped and reached for my face to kiss me. I let her.


THE END or is it.

A few words about my writing process. According to the word count on this writing program, I've done about one million, fifty thousand words on Scott, Julia and Lisa. It was not intended to be a War and Peace of porn. Originally, it was going to be much shorter than it is. The idea for this book came from my wife being fascinated with some of the books Julia found herself fascinated by. That's not to say my wife is Julia and I'm Scott. Nothing remotely like this ever happened to us. But it is a What If moment. What if someone liked the Reverse Harem slavery novels and a husband was open to the idea. So I had the idea for the book, the first couple chapters and maybe what I'd like the ending to be, then I started writing, not really knowing where it's going to end up. I let the various characters speak to me. If something happens along the way, how does that character respond and how do the others respond in response.

It's how Lisa and Rhonda get involved. Lisa, the helpful, divorced, next door neighbor who plays poker. What is her reaction to what's happening to her neighbor. How does she react when Julia ends up licking her at the poker game, especially as she's not getting much sex herself. And Rhonda, the lesbian police officer; tough, competent, desiring a relationship with Lucia, but can't have one because the tough, competent Lucia belongs to another.

And Cindy, Scott's sister. At some point, we find out Scott has a sister, but she's not really in the picture. Why not? She lives far away and they don't really speak or communicate with one another. Why is that? Scott's close to his parents, close to his friends, but not his sister, who is near him in age. Julia doesn't know, nor does Scott seem to know. They were close once, but not now. So things start to percolate. Of course, this is an erotic literature site, so what might the sexual motivations be? It could be a few different things. Cindy molested by her father, who hasn't shown himself to be that sort of person, maybe molested by one of Scott's friends a long time ago, but Scott doesn't know. Cindy seemed to disappear from Scott's life when he got married. Why then? To me, Cindy seemed to saying there was a taboo sort of love with her brother, never acted upon, but unrequited love. So that's the way I went with it.

Then Julia learns of this, realizes how much she and Cindy are similar to one another in appearance. How does she respond? Is she angry? Does she think of herself as a pale imitation of Cindy, and Scott married her because he couldn't have his sister? How does it make her feel? Especially, after she's realized her own submissive nature. Does it make a difference to her? Is she concerned for herself or her husband? In my mind, it went a certain way; the way I portrayed it.

Which brings up another point about my writing process. I don't like just throwing out total fabrications. If Cindy and Scott are going to do something of a sexual nature, how bad will it be? Since he's living with a police officer, Rhonda: wouldn't she have to arrest the perpetrators of any crime she's aware of? So, I looked up the laws regarding incest in California, since I don't live there. Ah ha! It's not incest in California unless there is vaginal penetration, at least in 2019 when I wrote about Cindy. If you don't believe me, look it up yourself. That means, this story can go in different directions than I originally conceived it. Because if it applies to Scott and Cindy, it also apples to Dan and Cindy, and Scott and Sandy, or any other familial relationship. I hadn't looked it up prior to writing about the Memorial Day bash which is why they're so careful not to commit what I considered incest then as later when I had looked it up. The difference was the addition of Rhonda to the story. Having her as a police officer in it means I need to know. So what does that knowledge mean for the characters? That's not to say there isn't an ick factor created by perceived incest even if it were legal. By the comments I receive, people weren't fond of California laws, on the whole, or at least the ones who did hate it, expressed it more.

Jack is another character who began as a mention. The idiot who divorces Lisa, then rapes our two primary slaves. He was a fool to leave her in the first place for no apparent reason. What would he do when he realized how foolish he'd been, seeing his wife so happy not just with another man, but a woman besides.

I also like an element of realism in my stories. Fresno is an obvious real location, with real stores, restaurants, streets, etc. Luigi's is totally made up, a combination of various Italian restaurants I've been to over the years. Trelio's is a real Fresno, high end restaurant, but what happens there is a total fabrication. So is Studio 65 dance studio, which specializes in Latin dancing, but what it looks like and who works there are fabrications. Don't go asking to dance with Ricardo. He's made up. All the people are made up.

The streets I named in Fresno when the gang is tailing Alice's husband are real streets, as are the apartments they found him at, but the rest is malarkey. The Pacific Crest trail is a real trail, but I have no clue if you'd ever see a body of water where Scott, Julia and Lisa rest and play with Sarah. I'm thinking Scott and Julia reside on the East side of Fresno, near Clovis, closer to Yosemite, but it's an imaginary street in a nice neighborhood. The sex toys I talk about are real with the exception of the Slave Trainer. I've used a few, but not nearly all of them, and I don't know how well they all work. If you do some web searches, you sometimes see what appear to be some of the toys described being used by others. I've seen a video by a group called Videodrome on MeWe which appears to be using a Silhouette or Impulse or similar, which is amazing. It's where I conceived of the Impulse scene with Becky.