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These looks are sophisticated, tastefully put together, the combination of The East and The West when picked out the right pieces to layer or combine them together, results are quite sensational. If you are well traveled or known of places in your town where you can get your hands on some great clothing pieces from India, Bali, Chinese or Japanese, try out and get certain fabric, print or a piece that you love or want to wear and try putting them together with other men's classic pieces. It can be both traditional Asian clothing piece or those well done piece from designer which already have silhouettes or Eastern inspiration blended in them. You might want to start off with scarfs or belt, I found that was the easiest way to start using traditional Asian clothes and try to adapt or find ways to use them in classic men's wear. Then you can learn and go on from there, the key is the fit and when layering them is gonna take sometime to master it. Let's see these cool looks from some of the most stylish men on the planet.
I think by being there you have a chance to get them at a really good price and more selections to choose from.
@meninstyles I actually live in Asia now, and I have been begging my chinese friend to get me a traditional shirt. I once saw one of my friends wearing one and thought it looked so cool