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He's named the most stylish men in media in 2013, one of the most fashionable men on the street of New York, a master of casual style in men's wear. Eugene Tong is one of the most photographed person in fashion world, many of them by Tommy Ton ( a re-known fashion blogger, the first fashion blogger and freelance photographer to be sitting at front row during Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan and street style photograph covering fashion weeks, using favorite subject, fashion directors and models) Thanks to social media world, we can get glimpse of one of the most stylish man on the planet. When you are a Style Director for Details Magazine, one of the most read men fashion magazine in the world, you should be or expected to be packed with killer styles, in his case, he never disappoint or let us down. He's often spotted wearing anything from Supreme to Comme des Garcons, his ability to pair Street wear pieces with men classics and expensive high-end designer brand piece is out of this world. There is so much ease and comfort to his styles,he makes it look so effortless, sophisticated, and yet the clothes he wears fits, looks real, shown his cool personality, always look very approachable. They do move so freely and look so comfortable which makes you want to get one yourself. If you are into sneakers, he got many cool pairs of sneakers and his ability to use them with certain outfit are worth taking notes from. ,
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