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Golbaengi Muchim (Spicy Snail Mix w Noodles)
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ohhh these looks delicious but wow,, snails???? maybe i should re-consider... hehe
4 years ago·Reply
yeah, type of sea snails called whelks. i'm not into eating strange foods but they're not that bad, albeit a little chewy. ^^
4 years ago·Reply
@mykoreaneats is it the creature that they have in the aquuarium outside of seafood restaurants? now that you said seasnails it doesn't sound as bad but at first i thought you meant like snail snail haha
4 years ago·Reply
sea snails! @mykoreaneats can you post some pictures of the snails themselves?
4 years ago·Reply
do you have the ingredients?
3 years ago·Reply