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The world’s most popular beverage brand launched the new product Coca-Cola Life, the first Coke to be flavored with the natural sweetener stevia. The low-calorie cola has approximately 50% less calories than regular Coke. Stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a species of plants native to South America, Central America and Mexico, is sweeter than sugar but has no calories. The product is is currently available only in Argentina.
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@onesmile i do use words to talk to people and i dont like it lol i feel like what i want to say and what i actually say are almost never the same lol it is a problem that is exacerbated in writing lol do u like readin? I would like to see what books a writing major recommends lol
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@Goyo @bana1979 Do you think the taste will change because of the Stevia? @curtis I'm scared of Stevia packets now, I always think they are filled with poison! Damn you Heisenburg!!
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@goyo let me think of it :) maybe I'll post some reviews of my favorites!
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Interesting thought!
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I wonder if I'd like this. Stevia can go a little overboard sometimes.
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