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I came across this video recently on Youtube; it's made by a student for his class, but focuses on the beauty of the colonies of fireflies that can be seen in some areas of Malaysia! These fireflies are known to locals as kelip-kelip, and they populate the trees along the river at night to feed on nectar, whilst shining their lights. It's popular to visit the village, and then, at night, you can go out on a boat, along the river's edge, to admire the lights dancing against the sky. One blogger described what she learned about how the fireflies glow: "The species of kelip-kelip we were about to encounter, reside only in mangrove areas. During the day, they retreat into the tall grasses just behind the mangroves. As night falls, they move to the mangrove trees(called pokok berembang) lining the banks to feed on nectar from the leaves and to attract mates with their synchronised flashing. The chemical reaction in the thorax of the insect produces a cool green glow that is controlled to flash at a rate of 3 flashes per second. The males flash within 1/30th of a second of each other whilst the females do not flash as frequently nor as flamboyantly as the males. Each tree has different groups of families and sometimes the synchronisation of flashes on one tree falls out of synch with the neighbouring tree. However, for optimum effect, it is best to visit the place just after nightfall and not later than 11.00pm, after which time the kelip-kelip would have found mates or mated, and subsequently the flashing would stop. " The numbers of flashing beetles, though, is quickly depleting: whether this is due to pollution, or a dam built upstream, can't really be said, but many visitors who have been to the area more than once show sadness at the thought of these lights disappearing. So, if this is a site you want to see, you might want to go soon; or, you might want to join those trying to ensure that this beautiful site doesn't disappear by conserving the trees that the beetles feed on! -------------------------------------------------------------------- TO VISIT: -Two main areas are known for these fireflies: Kampung Kuantan (easy to reach coming from Sungai Buloh) and Kampung Belimbing (6km from Pasir Penambang). -Full moons and heavy rains mean no fireflies -Quiet motor boats are used to ferry visitors (cost: MYR15 per adult in Belimbin, MYR10 in Kuantan)
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@mrjockx I agree :) but I want to see it in person!
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