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Wearing: Jason Wu Wow, Kerry really embraced her upcoming motherhood, don't you think? I absolutely adore this color, and her nails match so well. I think her hair color and this dress go great together! What do you think of Washington's outfit? Is the slit too much for a mom-to-be?
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oooh kerry!
4 years ago·Reply
@mrjockx doesn't she look amazing???
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@ameliasantos10 for a women to look stunning during her pregnancy I believe she looks BEAUTIFUL! I PRAY that when I carry my baby I get too look as gorgeous as she does! There is only one thing missing in this picture. - - - - - - >her man!!!!
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@katecc7 hahaha you are so right! she def. has the glow from her!!! adding with the dress she is wearing it's just amazing and you are right :D her man needs to be in the photo together to make it the ultimate perfection xD
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she has that lovely pregnancy-glow that no amount of make up can create~ she looks absolutely amazing
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