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Supplies -Antique Silver Spoon -Rubber Mallet -2 Pieces of wood -36" Piece 1/8" Steel Letter Number Stamping Set -Hammer -Permanent Back Marker -Rubbing Alcohol -Cotton Balls Directions: 1. Place spoon face down between two pieces of wood and hit with a rubber mallet to flatten the spoon. 2. Remove the piece of wood on top, and continue to flatten the spoon until you are satisfied with the shape. 3. Choose desired plant name and stamp the letters into the spoon using a hammer. 4. Fill in letters with a permanent marker. 5. Using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol wipe away excess markings. Original pictures and idea by Christina at
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really cool, does it have any impact on the plants?
cool way to organize your garden, and you could use this for other stamped items as well too, right?
I really love the tea cup usage too!!
@onesmile Sorry, I think i might have missed your comment! If your talking about the steel letters set, the answer is yes :)
@nokcha I really like it too! It's really pretty, but I'm not sure if it's good for the plant. No drainage.