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Pay attention to feng shui bedroom will bring you a good night's sleep to recharge the body. Join SBS HOUSE to consult knowledge about feng shui, taboo conditions and apply to your home.

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Some locations that you should avoid because of bad feng shui are:

That is the bed bed opposite the main door. In addition to the influence of feng shui, the bed bed opposite the main door also creates a sense of startling and insecurity for the homeowner when someone opens the door.
Avoid placing the headboard next to the toilet, bathroom, or wall to the room where the altar is located. From the Asian perspective, these methods are not good, and bring many disadvantages to homeowners. mẫu nhà ống 2 tầng đẹp giá rẻ.
Do not place the bed below the beam on the ceiling: This position makes the sleeping person always feel anxious and insecure, at the same time the bar also compresses the energy sources in the room, making them unable to save. information.
Do not place the headboard under cabinets or with heavy objects hanging above. This creates a f
eeling of insecurity for the homeowner, making the homeowner have poor and deep sleep.

Feng shui bedroom model

In addition, according to the concept of the Asians, each person's destiny will be suitable for different directions. If your bed is positioned in the right direction of your feng-shui, it will help you with some advantages at work, luck in life, happiness in family.

In the five elements, there are 5 destinies: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Fire, and Tho. Each of us from the moment of birth will be associated with a destiny, here is a note to choose color according to the destiny.

Five elements

The Fate of the Kim should prioritize the choice of white or metallic light in the bedroom.
The Fate Moc can choose the color blue or light green.
People of Fate Thuy should choose colors belonging to Kim that will give birth to the fate of those who are destined to be Thuy. Choose from gray, white, light gray, or gray.
As we all know, Hoa and Thuy are very close to each other, so the people who are destined to die should avoid the colors of Thuy. The Martian should choose red, pink, and purple colors and should not be too dark.
For the Tho, they should choose brown or yellow color tones for the bedroom.
Avoid placing mirrors in your bed because they will interfere with your sleep.

Feng shui bedroom model

Do not leave a lot of trees in your bedroom because CO2 emissions at night will affect your sleep, making you more likely to have nightmares due to lack of oxygen during sleep.

Trees in the bedroom

The above knowledge of SBS HOUSE has partly answered questions about your bedroom feng shui, hoping to make your bedroom a true feng shui and desired.


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