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In 2006 the electorate was 79 percent white. Didn't hurt the party; boosted by the Iraq War backlash, Democrats won 47 percent of the white vote, up from 41 percent in 2004. Then came 2008, the best Democratic election in a generation. Barack Obama won only 43 percent of the white vote in an electorate that was 74 percent white. In 2010 the electorate vanilla'd up again—77 percent white this time—and the white vote for Democrats collapsed. They won only 37 percent of it, and only 34 percent of white men.
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@joebiden What does this mean for the Democratic party?
@dillonk its definitely not good news. The party will have to adapt to get young people to come out for the midterms. I'm voting for sure, are you?
@joebiden I just read something about how nate silver is predicting democratic loss which is leading to more democratic fundraising
@joebiden Of course I vote, I just don't think my vote matters much. I'm not affiliated to any party, just the best candidates, so I hold no allegiance to the Democratic party. @curtis Who is Nate Silver?