cheap ALEXANDER MCQUEEN mem shoes

Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) updated the transparent sole large sneakers through 3D printing

In the second half of last year, Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) made a new improvement to his "extra large" sneakers: translucent bubble-infused sole. The bold new approach has completely overhauled the standard white rubber soles of the replica ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Shoes shoes, bringing the long-life shoe staples to a more modern standard. Now, the imprint reappears on sports shoes in a new way, the black leather upper is fused with wavy 3D printing.

The new version of the heel uses a black leather base and is made of white leather. cheap ALEXANDER MCQUEEN mem shoes The ankle collar is immersed in the 3D printed design and has various blue colors that overlap each other. According to the standard, the front lace buckle uses the same thick shoelace to match the beauty of the silhouette. The thick and sturdy transparent sole can meet all needs, and the sole runs through the entire sneaker.

Check out Alexander McQueen's 3D printed oversized sneakers above.