3 years ago
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Finally! even though I didn't get my desired seat still I'm so happy coz I'm going to their concert <3 no words can describe my happiness right now! <3 #excited #2NE1 #AON #BlackJack #BlackJackPhilippines can't wait to see them! see you soon! NOLZA!
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i am so jealous!!!!! i wish i could have gone to the one in seoul!! I hope you will have fun at their concert! and share your experience with us less fortunate people T_T
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Glad you get to see them! I love these girls!
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@ameliasantos10 thank you so much ^^ sorry for the late reply :p . sure! I will! <3 I'm freaking excited!!!!!! >.<
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@nokcha thank you :)) I love them too! sooo muchhh <3
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@glacyzapanta the date is coming near!! hope you are prepared hahaha!!
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