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All That You Need to Know About Dental Veneers, Dublin, for A Bright Smile

What are veneers?
Dental veneers are often known as dental porcelain laminate or porcelain veneers. They are a big hit and a massive addition to dental care, especially aesthetic dentistry. They are basically shells as thin as wafers and are placed on the front surface of the teeth. They serve to enhance the beauty of teeth leading you to have a pleasant, bright, and wide smile. They can change the length, shape, and color of teeth, according to requirement and demand.

What are the steps of having veneers?
Just like any other medical procedure, this treatment also has several steps. But here they are broken down into three steps for a better understanding of anyone who needs to get this treatment done.

Step 1: Appointment and Diagnosis:
First of all, you will have to book an appointment with a dentist. If you are from Dublin, Ireland, you can consult a Happy Dental clinic. In this step, the doctor will do a thorough examination, might ask you for an x-ray, and then tell you if it's the right treatment for you and guide you about the pros, cons, and risks of this process.

Step 2: Preparation:
In the next step, your teeth will be prepared for the treatment. Your teeth will be reshaped in this step, and your enamel might be trimmed- it depends on your dental health. After that, a model/impression of your tooth is made- which is further sent to a laboratory so they can prepare your veneers. Temporary dental veneers are placed in the meantime because the real ones take almost about 2-4 weeks to come back from the laboratory

Step 3: Bonding:
The last step of this treatment is bonding. Here your veneers are placed in the mouth and trimmed and scaled if needed. Then it's colored in the same shade as the teeth and cement. When cemented, any excess cement is removed and done… You got your perfect teeth!

Follow-up treatment after two weeks might be required to check if the veneers are doing perfectly fine and check up on the health of your gums.

What types of problems do dental veneers fix?
This dental care treatment is more like a treat for many of your oral health issues which might include:
● Teeth discoloration caused by excessive fluoride, stains from drugs, tetracycline stains, Large resin fillings, root canal treatments.
● Worn-down teeth
● Cracked or crooked teeth
● To fill teeth with significant gaps
● Misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped teeth

Can they ruin your teeth?
No, dental veneers can in no way ruin or harm your natural teeth. In fact, it can enhance the overall appearance of your teeth.

Can I have Veneers if I have dental implants?
In most cases, you can have porcelain veneers for the rest of your teeth if you have dental implants, not on the implanted tooth.

How long does this procedure take?
Having dental veneers is not a one-day process. It will take two to three sittings and, overall, two to three weeks to fit them.

Is it a painful procedure?
It is a painless and comfortable process. Some people with incredibly sensitive teeth or gums might face slight discomfort. But there is nothing to worry about. Brace yourself!

What are the benefits of dental veneers?
The first and obvious thing we all look into before having any treatment is the advantages of any medical procedure, right? So, give a quick look at all the advantages this treatment will provide you.
● They will give you an appearance of natural, flawless teeth.
● The porcelain is tolerated well enough by gums.
● They are stain-resistant.
● Colour enhancement is another big pro.

What are the risks or drawbacks of dental veneers?
Saying this, having this dental treatment doesn't have any risks, it would be totally misleading. So be aware of yourself well enough. This procedure might have some drawbacks or things you would need to know before getting it done.
● Clenching and grinding the teeth can cause the veneers to chip and crack.
● People with poor oral health like gum diseases, decayed teeth, teeth with filling, or weak teeth might not be able to handle them.
● Then can fall or dislodge if not done correctly.
● A slight color difference might exist.
● This process is irreversible.
● Teeth sensitivity might increase.

How long do they last?
Dental veneers last from a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 15 years. It depends on how well your oral hygiene is or how well you take care of them. You will need to replace them once their lifespan expires.

How True is having headaches after getting dental veneers?
People with sensitive teeth might experience some pain in jaws or headaches. It is nothing to worry about as it's because of adjusting to the new bite. It will go away in a few days. But if the pain persists, consult your doctor.

Who should avoid getting this treatment?
Patients who suffer from poor oral health, gum diseases, dental implants, diabetes, cracked, and crooked teeth should avoid getting this treatment done.

What is the cost of veneers in Dublin?
For getting veneers in Dublin, consult Happy Dental Clinic. Their cost is pocket friendly.
● LuraSmile Consultation is free.
● LuraSmile Simulation costs around €100.00
● LuraSmile Impression costs €50.00
● LuraSmile Veneers/Teeth costs about €799.00
● The price of composite veneers in Dublin is €300.00 / Tooth

Do Dental veneers require any special care?
No, they do not require any special or extra care. But make sure you take care of them properly. Maintain good oral health and develop the habit of
● Brushing your teeth
● Flossing regularly
● Using a good mouthwash
● Avoid sugary foods all the time
● Minimize stain-causing foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and wine, etc.

Are there any alternatives to veneers?
The two possible alternatives are
● Bonding
● Crowning

Where to get done veneers in Dublin?
For getting the best dental veneers in Dublin, the best possible choice is Happy Dental Clinic.

What is the success rate of having this dental treatment?
The success rate of this procedure varies from 91-95%.
If you are experiencing pain, irritation, swelling, soreness, or any other oral or dental problem, Happy Dental, Dublin, Ireland offers a wide range of treatments, solutions, and consultations. It is one of the best Dental Care Dublin that you can find.
For us, your smile matters!