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Fashion is an art form. That line is always use in any book that wrote about fashion. Well, I hate to say it is true. Fashion is not just an art, like the one you hang on the wall, it's more than that. Fashion defines clothing for the period, the era, the cultures, reflects current political issues, current lifestyles of human in that particular places and time. Overall, it represents human life or a be a part of it. When designers push the envelop using their artistic creativity, techniques, skills and science, they try to redefined what is or what fashion should be. It's the objective of an artist, to create reactions or to stir emotions. If it can makes you feel, then the artist's mission is accomplished. Like any art, you either get it or you don't, you can fall in love with it or you just can't stand it. Fashion is an art form that works differently from other kind, because it's subjected to how it's display, on a hanger or on a human body. While this occurs, it does creates new unexpected silhouettes and styles. Weather it's pop arts, modern minimalist, abstract, monotone, alternative or futuristic, there's an art that will speak you and match your personality in fashion. Some might look futuristic and you would expected to see people wearing them in sci-fi movies, but as the world and technology move forward in a very rapid mode, the future is already here, you can see them now if you look around you. Fashion is evolving faster and it's not just one part of the world, it's blending all the elements, styles and trends from many cultures into one big pot. As fashion is a billion dollars industry, its empire stretches across the globe thanks to the internet and social networks. It's now possible that new vision from new young designers can be seen and appreciates or even get notice overnight. Also, interests shared by groups of people can create trends and sub cultures that have a niche for particular brand or designers to represent them. So, when talking about fashion as an art form, it needs to communicate through any language barriers and cultures. Editorial work is the key to fulfill that element and a tool to convey messages from designers to consumers like yourself, virtually speaking. Just like art, you might prefer Picasso's work over Salvatore Dali's or vice versa, you will always choose the art that speaks to you. In fashion, you will always want buy and wear what speak to you, it's the same concept. On the other hand, you don't need to speak Italian to know that The Bernini fountain, the Sistine Chapel paintings or David Sculpture by Micheal Angelo is beautiful. Weather you like it or not, they're made to be seen and when you see people walking down the street wearing a piece of art like the one in these pictures, you just can't help noticing, stop and take a look and to appreciate it. That's the power of art. These fashion pieces, on a hanger it might intrigues you, creates curiosity and awareness of it's existence. When it's on a human body, it comes alive in full effect, with human movement and its dimensions, the excitement of shape and colors, its illusion and drama of the textures or designs, lights and shadows, its full beauty and its messages are definitely made to be seen in 3D form.and 360 degree view.
haha, I was questioning myself on that one, but it goes with the topic. I would try it if i have perfect body. Still, I don't know if I'm brave enough to walk that outfit on the street.
@meninstyles I love this card! I think most of these are great, in art form or just casual wear. However, I don't think you'll see me in outfit #3 anytime soon. Hahahah
I was actually talking to a friend and he was so proud of himself for buying this new jacket because we were telling him that we saw so many people with the same jacket and he was like NO! this is different and there's a zipper on top of the pocket line ahahha oh all the little details
totally agree :) I love how you said "when it's on a human body it comes alive" such an interesting card ^^
Love the detail!
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