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Receipt Scanner - Full Guide for Buyers

Going paperless benefits the organizational capabilities of anyone, from business owners to people simply trying to preserve their family photo albums. Receipt scanners are great ways to accomplish this, but not all scanners are created equal.

Getting the highest level of quality and usability out of your scanned documents requires precision technology to do so, and some devices just won't do the cutting. This guide presents three of the best examples on the market and explores their individual merits.
Our Reviews

Brother Printer RDS620 Document Scanner - Best Cheap Receipt Scanner

The RDS620 achieves the basic goals of any document scanner: it scans physical documents, photos, and cards. It is a bit weak on the export and software side, and inconsistently inserts into captured information in its own software, but it does you just want to store your documents and photos somewhere safe, this scanner will do the job. For its price, the RDS620 delivers admirably, but its nature as a low-cost device is evident during use.


Good reproductions of documents, cards, and images
Efficient scanning speed


Inconsistent software

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System - Best Receipt Scanner for the Money

The mobile scanner is a device that focuses on receipts and documents, but for people who do not need image backups, its software suite provides great utility for managing and using data in an intuitive and efficient way. With its variety of export tools and total processing speed, the Mobile Scanner removes a lot of user responsibility and keeps everything neat in your digital filing cabinet.


Phenomenal organizing tool
The fully functional software suite


Poor image reproduction
Requires some oversight

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner - Best Overall Receipt Scanner

The ScanSnap is an equal parts document scanner and organizer. It excels at both tasks, the reproduction of pure images and documents in their original form or the organization of information in new ways through its digital archive cabinet. For any use, personal or professional, this compact and highly portable device is the perfect addition to your organizational arsenal. It does everything you need and more, with very little need for tuning.


Pure reproduction and digital reformation
Includes Rack-2Filer Smart, a premium third-party software
Very light and compact


No integration with other tax and money management software

What is a receipt scanner?

Receipt scanners are a type of document scanner that is mobile and easy to use. While they are not required to be used on the go, their compact sizes make it a simple process for people who do not want to have to wait until they are at home or in the office to get their physical documents digitized. Document scanners are built with varying levels of precision and general utility, priced to match.

What are the benefits of owning a receipt scanner?

The modern world is very digital and for good reason. Digital images and documents are substantially easier to store, navigate, and access than photo albums and storage containers, no matter how good anyone is at tracking. Digital scanners do not force people to dispose of their physical copies but make it easy to share and read their important files when they need it. The streamlined process they offer is considerably more efficient and less stressful than keeping only paper copies.

In the event of a natural disaster, fire, or other unexpected circumstances, digital files stored in the cloud are perfectly safe and can be retrieved and played anywhere.

Considerations for choosing the best receipt scanner

As an organization tool, the most important aspect of a receipt scanner is how consistently useful it is to you. Scanners not only have to be able to reproduce documents, but they can also help users sort and access important information. With this in mind, a scanner's software options are as crucial as its hardware capabilities. The best scanners to find have a balance in both and provide consistent and effective assistance.


How quickly and clearly a document scanner reproduces paper files is it's number one attribute, although not always the most important. As long as a scanner is capable of clearly replicating documents, more is possible with digital files. Users should consider the quality of the scanner hardware before getting into what the scanner can do on the software end; Otherwise, digital copies are essentially useless.


Different file formats have different functionalities. People should look for scanners that can export scanned documents in the formats they use, such as Excel, PDF, or additional software tools. Basic scanners will only replicate documents as images, but advanced devices will export in these and many other formats.


The software included with individual scanners is the primary means of interconnecting one with your scanned documents. Good programs are versatile and frequently updated to provide the most utility for people with a large number of files to manage. If the companion software for a scanner is of strong enough quality, you will never have to turn to multiple third-party programs for assistance.

Additional Characteristics

Each receipt scanner is unique and includes its own individual strengths. Depending on the user, these nuanced features will benefit some better than others and are important to consider when shopping around. Even a great scanner loses value to a person if it is inconvenient for them to use.


A good organization does not require an OCD personality and constant work. With a good mobile document scanner, people can take full control of their finances conveniently and efficiently, with very little effort. Whether you just want to back up photos, or both, there are plenty of great receipt scanners on the market to serve either task. Scanners of a unique level of quality, like the Fujitsu ScanSnap, are even capable of doing both with exceptional precision.