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Being a student at Yonsei, I care about three things when it comes to food during busy times: Cost, convenience, & taste. Having only thirty minutes before my next class, I searched Sinchon for a fast lunch spot. As I was about to go into the nearest McDonald's restaurant, a tiny hole-in-the-wall joint called "Isaac's Toast" caught my eye..and I'm so glad it did! This quaint eatery is a chain based in many different locations all over Seoul. The interior boasts speed-eating, as there are only a few seats available inside. All of the sandwiches are built to order, but I decided to get the most popular item on the menu - The Ham Special ! The one-man run eatery starts off by melting a generous helping of butter onto a hot griddle and starts to construct this magnificent sandwich that consists of ham, cheese, cabbage, a sweet sauce, and a fried egg. The combination is so simple, yet so delicious. The eggs are made in a square metal ring, to ensure that you will get a flavorful bite each and every time! & at only 2400 won, it's a bargain since this sandwich is pretty filling! I will definitely be going back to try the shakes and other sandwiches! Information about Sinchon's Isaac's Toast Location: 56-88 Seodaemun-gu, Daehyundong, Seoul *Map enclosed in pictures! Price: 2200 - 3800 won Hours: 8am-10pm Phone: 010-715-5221
this looks so delicious!!!! i guess here's the difference between Korean street food and Thai... in Thailand we would have like sticky rice and pork :D
im just seeing this now and oh man, its making me hungry, lolz
@samrusso716 but i guess i can't complain because i eat all of them anyways LOLLLLLL
@pampam93 I so will!! :D @ameliasantos10 pwahaha I totally understand!! but no problem!!
@samrusso716 thanks for the tips!! hahahahah finally someone agrees with me about the sweetness hahahahahahh a lot of my friends were like this is pretty good...T_T
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