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Loving everyone's creative responses to the first mystery basket of random ingredients! I was so surprised at how 5 of the same ingredients could be transformed into wildly delicious meals~ Keep it up guys :D This round will be just as tricky :P Ingredients that MUST be used: 1) Kimchi 2) Pinto beans 3) Canned tuna 4) Cream cheese 5) Crystalized ginger Odd combination right? I think what I would do is try to form a dough and make a pizza. I would reduce the crystalized ginger and infuse the sweetness with the cream cheese, to balance out the spiciness from the kimchi topping. I would then add a salad to this pizza & add the leftover ginger, canned tuna, and sprinkle my cooked pinto on top of the micro-greens. I would make a sauce with the reduction of ginger & infuse it with wine to make a ginger-infused wine dressing. What would you guys make?? Challenge yourselves & let the creativity keep flowing! :D
@billnye you should check them out, it tastes extremely interesting.. Sweet, yet spicy :P
I have no idea what crystalized ginger even is
wonder if we can make a dessert out of this.. kimchi cheesecake anyone? D:
guys i just bought a can of tuna last night because I was so inspired LOLOL!!
@dillonk such an odd basket right? @sjeanyoon wow so true, yours definitely takes the cake on this one :P @nokcha ohhh making a burger from the beans and tuna is wildly creative! I've definitely gotta try to make one of those one day hehe @joebiden cream cheese and kimchi??! say whaaat hahaha
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