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Yep, it's been one brutal winter. Those who have gone through it know what I'm talking about. This was a huge icicle growing on the side of my house. It was pretty close to the ground.
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@dillonk yeah lol I still always walk on the other side of the street if I see those signs thougb!
@dillonk i don't think i have any experience with winter hahah Thailand's winter is at 20degree celcius lowest so I guess no need to watch out for these when i walk around! hahaha
@onesmile I should probably start doing that....lol @pampam93 That sounds like paradise!
@onesmile i am sure if the icicles are this big i am sure the signs are one way of being careful!
daaaammmn yin. hehe see thats im im fine down here :P