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Hello fellow Funny Interest community members, So my time is almost up?! Wow that was umm... fast! I am not very good at these kind of things, but I did want to just say thank you to those who have continued to support the funny community. I have always had a soft spot for funny things, and I hope to see this community continue to grow with diverse funny content. I am not sure if I did a good job, actually I am sure I did not. I wish I could have done more, especially promote our Interest community. While I did try, I am not good at that sort of thing, so I was less successful than I had hoped. I will say though that I did learn a bit about it so if there is someone who wants to learn from my mistakes, by all means shoot me a line. Wow just read over this, and sounds so sad lol. I think I will just end it with a simple thank you all Funny community members, and looking forward to seeing our next editor! Whoever it is, please feel free to reach out to me so we can "discuss" funny content lol See you guys around!
LOL I'm going to use this!
Bro sick peace out pic! XD
@onesmile thats the nicest compliment -> "you amused me" lol no that is not sarcasm lol truly appreciate it lol
@goyo we only just met recently but thanks?! haha you amused me in the past few weeks, anyways XD
@dillonk I am sorry but I do not know. I guess they will announce it soon??
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