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Selection tools have so many uses, especially the power of....selection! You can select, cut, and alter different parts of a photograph in photoshop, and this tutorial will teach you how. This tutorial is for beginners, but I wouldn't be surprised if a more advanced photographer learned a thing or two! Enjoy :)
@cheerfulcallie Let me know if you need help!
@cheerfulcallie Let me know if you need help!
@dillonk oohhhh i see....i guess, ill find out more abt it whenever i get around to it, lolz
@cheerfulcallie Photoshop is kind of a bad name for the program. It can be used for so many things! Graphic design is also a big part of the program :). You don't have to be a photographer to use it
@dillonk maybe thats b/c you enjoy taking pics and im not soo gifted in that area, the only camera i have is my iphone and all my personal pics ive shared on here has all been taken with my iphone.
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