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Jim Rohan is a fine art photographer living in the Boston area who uses plastic optics to capture dreamlike memories of both the beauty and incongruity of the world around him. His plastic camera images can be seen nationally in many juried group exhibitions. Here is an account of Jim's history with cameras: “In 2008, for reasons still unclear to Jim, he picked up a plastic camera to better understand where he was both geographically (he does take a lot of snow pictures) and emotionally (this could explain this year’s postcard image of the man resembling Saint Sebastian full of arrows). Six years later, he still finds himself using plastic cameras, like Holgas and Dianas* and Brownie Hawkeyes and an Agfa Isoly with a flipped lens (and all sorts of other crappy cameras that you never knew existed). Rohan uses plastic optics to capture dreamlike memories of both the beauty and incongruity of the world around him. Though a fine art photographer, Jim has worked in the commercial photographic industry for the past thirty-five years as both a photographer and the co-owner of a professional Boston photo lab. Jim is currently self-employed as a digital retoucher specializing in architectural imagery…and spending every other moment out shooting with an arsenal of beloved plastic cameras held together with duct tape and a prayer.”
I actually have the original of this first image on my wall. The unusual texture is because it's an alcohol gel transfer onto aluminum. The final "print" seems luminous because of the aluminum… it's lovely. This one was taken with a Brownie Hawkeye with a flipped lens. He often notes the camera / print techniques used on his website.
Here is a link where you can buy Holgas and Dianas ($30-$40). They are really fun to use and not very expensive. Perfect for a beginner wanting to shoot film :) http://www.holgacamera.com/?gclid=CIHn9vehsb0CFU4R7AodNEoARQ
@cityofkyle I couldn't agree more. He really got his point across visually, I think a large part of that is due to the type of camera he chose to use.
Wow these photos are crazy--he definitely nailed the "dreamlike memories" he was aiming for!
@dillonk awesome!!!! I have totally been looking for a way to liven them up :) thanks!
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