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Los Angeles photographer Dan Shepherd always had a deep interest in the natural world which is reflected in the work he creates and his Masters degree in Environmental Science from Columbia University. He was raised in the Pacific Northwest, enjoyed his creative years in New York City and now finds himself at home in Los Angeles. Here, Dan talks about his collection, "Blinded By Science" "Just like many things in nature, my “Blinded by Science” photography series has evolved since its inception in 2008. In the beginning, my photographic vision had a more narrow focus on individual trees and plants. It was the classic scenario ‘I couldn’t see the forest for the trees,’ but in my latest Alaska & California Collections everyone will see trees and forest. I find that I artistically respond to the physical constraints of the landscape. My photography is more directed in a confined location like a botanic garden and then I shoot in a more relaxed way when I am in an open area like a forest. For my latest collections, I have traveled to the great forests of Alaska and open landscapes of California and the new images reflect this evolution of my photographic vision. I continue to use the power of abstraction to filter out the science details in my head which lets me focus on the pure beauty of nature and create unique portraits of the trees, plants and landscapes."
Well explained. Dan's "Draw Me A Tree" project where he has someone visit a tree that was important in their life and sketch it, and then does a double exposure with the drawing and the tree itself, is also very interesting.
@billnye When Shepherd talks about being 'blinded by science' he is really talking about how the natural world is distracting for him. His form of abstracting the landscapes in the he does allows him to see the beauty nature has to offer, without focusing on the little details. It's like being able to appreciate a forest, rather than a single tree in a forest.
eyes opened by science?