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Emer Gillespie is an Irish artist, currently living in Brighton in the UK. She graduating with an MA in Photography from the London College in Communication in 2009. Emer's collection "Picture you, Picture me", is playfully fun and enjoyable to look through. What a great concept to work with! Here is what Emer had to say about her work: "Picture You, Picture Me is a collaborative and explorative portrait project with my daughter Laoisha. Born in Galway Ireland in 2002, Laoisha has Downs Syndrome. As a consistent subject in my work, this series has naturally evolved from her curiosity and urge to stand on the other side of the camera, taking more control over me as the subject, and of the images taken. By directing each other through role-play and instruction, we decide how the other stands, which direction to face and even facial expressions, creating a playful environment where the camera becomes more than an artistic tool, but an instrument of amusement. The images are almost secondary to the experience, a fortunate by-product of the session shared."
So cute! Love this creative little project
@dillonk totally i mean just imagine if they were to take these photos again in 20 years that would just make it double the amazingness of this whole concept :”)
@lillyann This is like a unique approach to those childhood reenactment photos! Now the mom and daughter will have to reshoot all the images 20 years from now! @onesmile I think the subtlety of the differences really makes the differences stand out more than anything. I really like they way she executed this series :)
I love how each is similar, but not perfectally similar. it really does allow the difference of viewpoint show through while representing the same environment~
@dillonk i have always loved these kind of concepts where you can see something through the eye of a kid because there’s just so different than what we see and have you seen those photos that were going viral on the internet like the childhood photos and the reenactment I totally think those are adorable too!
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