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When you want durability and timeless shoes, then take a look at CLAE. It's been in the market for more than a decade. What I think as an advantage of this brand or its uniqueness is that you can wear them anywhere with most outfits and occasions. You can wear business suits and CLAE to your office, with jeans riding a bike, go to country club, or just taking a walk in the park with a cool pair of sweatpants or shorts. Also, they never seem to go out of style, especially on casual Fridays!
cool, today is friday so i'll go pick up a pair?
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@billnye It might be a little late, unless you are going into work late!
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ohhhh i like the style of the shoes, its simple and i agree its classic, they are timeless that wont go out of style.
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@cheerfulcallie They are a classic look, I was justing thinking about getting a new pair of shoes, maybe I should follow my own advice and get a pair of Clae's :)
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@dillionk then i guess you should and if so take a pic to share, lolz...
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