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1. Visit budget airlines' websites and subscribe to their newsletters to take advantage of promo fares. Most local carriers also engage with their customers through social media, so follow their accounts on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates. "Usually we use these channels to begin spreading our latest promo to our customers," Tiger Air Mandala public relations manager Lucas Suryanata told us. 2. Try to avoid traveling on weekends (leaving Friday and returning Sunday, for example) and on holidays. Ticket fares on weekdays, particularly Tuesday and Wednesday, are usually much more affordable. 3. Sometimes you can get cheaper prices when purchasing tickets straight from airline's sales offices at the airport. Michael, a sales manager, said that he once had to make a last minute trip to Medan from Jakarta and contacted his travel agent to get a ticket. "When they told me that a one-way ticket price for Garuda Indonesia was about Rp 1.5 million, I decided to go to the airport and buy it myself at Garuda's sales office. And you know what, it turns out that I only had to pay Rp 1.04 million for the same ticket," said Michael. 4. If your dream destination is in the eastern part of the archipelago, such as Papua and Maluku, you might want to avoid taking a direct flight from Jakarta. It will be more affordable to make your way from Jakarta to Makassar in South Sulawesi, and then continue the journey to your location. Why? Because local airlines regularly cut their ticket prices for the Jakarta-Makassar route. You can always try this trick for other out of the way local destinations as well. Besides saving your wallet, taking alternative (and longer) routes will also add new experiences as you will see more places and encounter different cultures. 5. Airlines often offer special fare promotions for certain credit cards. These offers may range from a 20 percent discount off the ticket price to buy one get one free deals. If your favorite airline is cooperating with a bank and has released its own credit card, you might want to consider getting it. 6. If your budget is small, traveling during the low season is always a better option because airlines will happily cut their prices to make sure their seats are full. "Some airlines like to offer their cheap tickets during the peak season, such as in August, for the low season travel period of October and November," said Lucas from Tiger Air Mandala. "But there are also airlines that like to offer special fares during the low season for the immediate travel period," he added. This means you can still get cheap tickets in November for a trip in November. 7. Remember, you are not the only person wanting to grab that affordable tickets, so make sure you are ready online to book that special fare as soon as the offer opens, because usually the cheap seats are limited. "Cheap seats on weekends will sell out a lot more quickly than on weekdays," said Lucas. 8. Don't forget to always clean your web browser's cache and cookies between airline searches to make sure you can load their website more smoothly. It will also create an illusion that this is your first time visiting the website, thus you are likely to see better prices on your next search. 9. Other than visiting the airlines' official website, also drop by aggregator sites such as,,,,, and to compare and search for best fares. 10. Sometimes buying two one-way tickets from different carriers can be cheaper in total than if you are purchasing a round-trip ticket from one airline. 11. If you are flying from the capital city, purchasing tickets for the earliest flight from Jakarta and the last flight to Jakarta can save you a great deal of money. Not only are the fares usually cheaper because of supply and demand, but your trip (and taxi fares) to and from the airport will be much quicker and cheaper if you miss rush hour traffic.
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