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Hi chingudeul i just thought to share with you my page and ask for your opinions about how i can enhance it and what you like and what you don't so what do you think can you help me with that? <3 <3 ^_^ <3 <3
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N these must be genuine hallyu stuffs literally from the tip to the toe, be the first news, never seen yet , 101 personal interview, their frankness, their openess. How about covering or follow their routine?
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@SuraniMH1 we try to do this as fast as we can ^^ but 1 problem that we all are far from korea :( so i'm trying to work on it to get closer to all whats happening and i think very soon we will :)) thxxx chingu u r soo sweet ♥♥
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dearie, u r most welcome and appreciate your sense of urgency knowing how we all love 'hallyu' so whatever u do, don't worry. we support u. keep fightting!
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@SuraniMH1 awwww thxxx sooo muchhh reallly appreciate it chingu ;-)♥
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@SuraniMH1 thank u soooo much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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