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TO ALL ELF IN THE WORLD PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR BEST CARD(PHOTO,FAN STORY,VIDEO,LETTER) MAKE IT WITH YOUR BEST...ITH THIS TIPS You will find an “Add a card” button under the party image in each party (SUPER JUNIOR PARTY). You can write just text, or text with photos or video. Currently you can only embed videos from Youtube, but in the future we plan to make some improvements. ^^ [Two things you have to specify when you add a card] 1. Select the language When you write a card, you're supposed to pick a language in which to write. In other words, if you wrote the card in English, you would have to specify “English” from the "Select Language" to make your card reach Vinglers who understand English. Don't forget that Vinglers around the world post cards in various languages, and our system will keep evolving to help them reach the right audience. 2. Select Parties You can select where to publish your card by selecting Party tags as you write the card. People will see your card when they visit the Party, and subscribers of the party will get your card in their "Feed" page. You can select multiple relevant Parties and maximize the exposure of your card, thereby communicating with more people who have the same interest. Please, however, consider what the visitors/subscribers of the party expect to see in the Party or in their Feed page. It is very important to first check the Party to understand the atmosphere/identity/characteristic of the Party before you tag it. An example of proper Party tagging is tagging Hollywood Movies, Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio when you write a critique about Leonardo DiCaprio's acting in Titanic. Even if your card is somehow related to the Party in question, it may still be irrelevant.The card must be not only related, but also relevant by providing unique content to said Party. Let's say one of your card says "Morgan Freeman's new movie in the US" then you can obviously tag Morgan Freeman in your card, but is it relevant to the US? Not all the followers of the US party may be interested in Morgan Fr
I like U SUJU
oppa riwook I like you forever..I selalu mendukung you walaupun you latiahan militer oppa I miss you..I love you..I need you by.yunita from.Indonesia
go go go fighting! ^^
they're all handsome....
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