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Why My Canon Printer Says Offline?

When your printer shows an "offline" status, several different issues may be at play. You may have checked the option to use it offline, you may have a connection problem or need to install updates or a specific tool to fix the offline status problem. Windows 8 finds and installs most printers automatically but sometimes requires manual adjustments or installations.

The printer is for printing and scanning documents from your system. In fact, it is an essential tool for the office and home. However, you often encounter many error messages and reports. Often people report about the canon printer goes offline Error problem. People find it difficult to find a solution for their printer showing offline status. As a result, they find it difficult to access your printer when it is offline.

Canon Offline Printer Error - If your job involves printing, printing doesn't always go smoothly, so you may be familiar with printer problems. If you see the printer is a printer offline message when you press the print button instead of starting the printing process, this means that your printer is having problems. canon printer goes offline error is quite common, but luckily it can be solved. There may be numbers

Removing the Use Offline option

The "Use Printer Offline" option allows you to send jobs to your printer when you are not connected to it, but when you reconnect it does not automatically send those jobs. Once you're connected again, disabling the option brings the printer online and submits those jobs. From the Printer menu in the Control Panel, right-click the printer that is offline. Scroll down the menu to the "See what's printing" option, which opens a new window showing the print queue. Click the "Printer" menu and remove the checkmark labeled "Use Printer Offline."

Checking connections and sharing

If your computer is connected to the printer via a wired connection, making sure the cables are firmly connected can correct the printer's offline status. Even if your computer is connected wirelessly, if it's shared from another computer, those cables may be loose or disconnected. Make sure the computer it is connected to is turned on. Also, check the sharing settings on the computer it is connected to Go to the computer the printer is connected to and open HomeGroup. Click on "Printers and Devices". Check the box next to the printer that shows an offline status on your computer.

Windows 8 update

If your computer does not correctly recognize the status of the printer, it may be because the drivers are out of date. Regularly updating your computer allows you to stay on top of the latest drivers for your printers, as well as security updates and bug fixes in the operating system. Go to the Settings menu and click on the "Change PC settings" option. Click "Update and Recovery" and then "Windows Update" to make sure your printer drivers are up to date.

Effective solutions to fix Canon printer offline error:

When the Offline status of your Canon PIXMA printer appears on the screen, there is nothing to scare you. Just read the blog or get more information through Canon customer service to fix this annoying error.

Restart your printer's spooler service

First, you need to open the start menu and type "Service" there.
Then you need to choose "Services" and right-click on "Print Queue".
Click on the Restart option and thus choose Print Spooler again.
Now select Properties and set the startup type to Automatic.
Finally, save the settings by clicking OK.
Restart your PC to print again

Turn off the Use Printer Offline feature

Navigate to the start button and then click on Control Panel.
Choose the Hardware and Sound option from the results.
Open Devices and Printers and then right-click on the Canon printer.
Select "See what's printing" and then click Printer.
Make sure "Use printer offline" is unchecked.
Click Printer again to choose "Cancel All Documents".
Print to check if everything works fine or not

Manual installation of third-party drivers or tools

Drivers for most printers are automatically included with Windows 8, but new hardware comes out all the time, and there can be some delay between when a new printer hits the market and when the drivers will be available as updates. Windows. Many manufacturers sell installation DVDs or CDs with their printers or have a driver installation file for their printer available on the manufacturer's website. Why my canon printer says offline is a common query of users. If you can't find any other reason why your printer is displaying an offline status, reinstall the printer with the most current manufacturer's driver you can find. If the driver you download does not install automatically, open Device Manager on your computer, find your printer in the list of installed devices, select it, click the Driver tab, and click "Update Driver."


After following the steps above you still have a problem, so you can contact us at any time to fix “why my canon printer says offline” problem, our expert technicians are available 24 * 7 for your help. it is better for you if you allow the rest to our technical experts; they are skilled enough to solve any kind of problem together with your printer.
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