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What is Instagram Workflow

Instagram is a fantastic free marketing platform that can help people draw their company to the consumers they need. Otherwise, Instagram can get time-consuming quickly and they'll swipe through their feed instead of using it as a tool to promote the business and engage with their audiences. Time is money when it comes to using Instagram from a business point of view, and allocating the time the right way will help people be more successful and concentrate on other business areas.
So, here are a few tips that people can use as part of the workflow Instagram.

· Set up the roadmap: What are the steps that people need to take for their company to produce results they want? How did people create an Instagram account for business? What is its offer? What is their goal as a business, and what message they want online to promote? Where do customers get more knowledge about customers and their business that will help them create interest in the services or goods they offer? Before even starting posting on Instagram it is really important as a company to be able to answer certain questions. Any single post requires a reason. Every post needs to help its audience understand better, who they are, what they do and why they do it.

· Creating content: There are no limitations when it comes to content creation and Instagram is the best medium to use a different format to create the short form of content online. Can people create:

a) Videos: up to 1-minute video per post, or 1-minute story video or even up to 1-hour video with IGTV lately
b) Photos: scene, portrait, square your pick.
c) Others: Ensure all Instagram features like boomerang or hyper-lapse are leveraged

· Create a posting schedule: It is a perfect way to familiarize their followers with the type of content they share so they know what to expect and they know when their next update would be, much like their favourite television show airing will be. Users may also dedicate a theme to every day of the week, or follow normal patterns such as #motivationmonday, #traveltuesday, etc.

· People are following daily engaging with communities: Automating their posts on the account does not mean they no longer need to open the Instagram application. By engaging I mean they still need to respond to comments and messages from their fans, like content and share it.