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Tricks to Save More When Booking LAX Park Stay and Fly

When you travel from Los Angeles International Airport, you can use your miles to save on your plane ticket and apply your hotel points for a free or a discounted stay. Airport parking is a different matter. It can be costly, especially for long-term bookings. However, there is a way for you to cut costs on all three, and that is by booking an LAX park stay and fly package.

Why it makes sense
Is it a struggle to get to the airport on time? You could get going some two or three hours before your flight, only to be frustrated when you become stuck in traffic. Either you barely make it to boarding, or you miss your flight altogether. It’s a stressful experience that nobody wants, whether flying for business or a holiday. In some cases, you might find it challenging to get your companions to be on time. You can avoid all that hassle with the right LAX park stay and fly package.
With a park, stay, and fly deal, you can take your time and relax a day before your flight. Park your vehicle in a secure parking spot, stay overnight at a hotel near the airport, and ride a shuttle to the terminal on your flight day. Most hotels offer complimentary shuttle services, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.
Booking a package
The good news is many service providers are offering LAX park stay and fly packages. You need to choose the right one, preferably an established company specializing in the park, stay, and fly packages in airports all over Canada and the USA. Note that the hotel reservation is good only for an overnight stay, but the service provider aims to ensure the best value for your money without hidden fees.
Before booking, be sure to read up on their cancellation policy and explore the hotels that the service provider works with. Make sure that long-term parking and free airport shuttle services are bundled in the package to eliminate any stress and hassle truly. To save more time and money, consider booking ahead of your trip. That should also ensure that you can book an appropriate room for yourself or you and your companions.

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