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How To Earn Phd Salaries In The UK

A lot of people want to get to the peak of their career and apply for professional programmes like a PhD programme. Holding a PhD gives you an edge in the educational and corporate world, and people go through any length to ensure they bag a PhD. Earning a PhD salary is a system of supporting oneself financially while studying for a PhD.

The cost of studying for a PhD, especially in the United Kingdom is quite expensive and unaffordable for international students. Students, therefore, seek ways they can earn while studying to meet basic needs and save for the future. In this article, we would look at three ways one can earn a PhD salary in the UK.

3 Ways You Can Earn A PhD Salary In The UK

Many postgraduate students end up not completing their programmes due to financial setbacks. Other intending students are afraid of applying for postgraduate studies because they have no sponsors. There are three ways you can earn a PhD salary in the UK and be your sponsor. The three ways are;

#1. Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant also known as Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs). As a teaching assistant, you have to help a teacher in delivering lectures, marking/recording students results and performing the normal functions of a teacher. However, you will have a minimal workload. You can also aid students in their laboratory activities. You would be paid for the assistance.

#2. Co-Researcher

You can also receive a PhD salary by assisting professors in their researches. Writing a thesis or journals can be very tasking, and most academics need help. You can make good money by handling the research work. Your project supervisor could also need your help in particular research that pertains to your project. You can earn and learn so much at the same time.

#3. Stipends

Stipends are like grants. They are non-refundable payment systems to help you with things like feeding plans, accommodation, trips and utility bills. Stipends don't require you to perform any work. You only need to perform excellently in your programme, and such performance must be consistent.

Do PhD Salaries Incur Taxes?

Yes, PhD salaries earned through research assistantships incur taxes. Stipends are usually tax-free, so you can enjoy your stipends and save over a long period. As a research assistant, you are seen as being fully employed, so you're obligated to pay 12% of your salary as tax.


Finally, the various ways listed above will show you that you can still pursue your dreams of having a doctorate in any desired field without worrying about finances. You can check out opportunities for research assistantships and stipends here.