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Cafe Mango Six Garosugil where Do Jin did window kiss
I was amazed that Do Jin is sitting where I used to sit :) and even did a window Kiss to Isu.. Garosugil is really a buzz in Seoul these day.
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i wanna try that bluish lemonade from mango-six
5 years ago·Reply
Where exactly is it placed? Could you please give me an address? ^^
5 years ago·Reply
Sinsa-dong 542-6 2nd floor, Kangnam-gu, Seoul
5 years ago·Reply
That cafe itself is not very special, but you can imagine Do Jin sitting on the chair. then, it will become really really special :)
5 years ago·Reply
Hello, to all those who are trying to find the cafe, it's not actually where tiffany87 says - it's further along dosan-daero (the main road) on the intersection with Eonju-ro (so quite a long way along from the subway, it might be easier to go from Hak-dong rather than Sinsa).
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