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Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks [September & October]

(Does not include Japanese comebacks/debuts. Also does not include every solo artist or group comeback/debut as I may miss some!)

[September 1st]

Super M - Tiger Inside (Released)

Watch below.

Lovelyz - Oblivate (Released)

Watch below.

[September 2nd]

A.C.E - Goblin (Favorite Boys) (Released)

Watch below.

CLC - Helicopter (Released)

Lunarsolar - Oh Ya Ya Ya [Debut] (Released)

[September 3rd]

Super Junior D&E - B.A.D (Released)

Jamie - Numbers (Released)

[September 4th]

Alexa Collab & TheFatRat - Rule The World (Released)

Wonho - Open Mind (Released)

Jackson of Got7 - Pretty Please (Released)

[September 7th]

YooA of Oh My Girl [Solo Debut] (Released)

Taemin - Criminal (Released)

Namjoo of APINK - Bird [Solo Debut] (Released)

Production on this song was done by Soyeon of (G)I-DLE.

[September 10th]

Mamamoo - Wanna Be Myself (Released)

HA:TFELT - La Luna (Released)

[September 14th]

Stray Kids - Back Door (Released)

Moonbin & Sanha of Astro - Bad Idea (Released) [Sub-Unit Debut]

CL - Post Up (Released)

[September 15th]

VAV - Made For Two (Released)

B.O.Y - Miss You (Released)

[September 16th]

Pentagon - Twenty-Twenty (OST) (Released)

Putting this here because I miss Jinho and he's in this song! Also this song is an OST for the web-drama Twenty-Twenty which stars Kim Wooseok of UP10TION, also Chan from A.C.E is in it too!

fromis_9 - Feel Good (Secret Code) (Released)

[September 17th]

KNK - Ride (Released)

Came out at Midnight on the 17th in South Korea, but on the 16th in the United States.

[September 18th]

Treasure - I Love You (Released)

-Their first comeback.

[September 21st]

The Boyz - The Stealer (Released)

-This is their first comeback since competing on Road to Kingdom.

Everglow - La Di Da (Released)

Checkmate - Drum [Debut] (Released)

They are a Coed group of three boys and two girls.

[September 22nd]

Cignature - Arisong (Released)

XUM - Ddalala [Debut] (Released)

[September 23rd]

GHOST9 - Think of Dawn [Debut] (Released)

BDC - Shoot The Moon (Released)

H&D - Umbrella (Released)

This'll be their last comeback as a duo as they will be debuting in a group after this.

UNVS - Sand Castle (Released)

Precious - Bebe [Debut] (Released)

[September 24th]

UP10TION - Light (Released)

-This will be a 7 member comeback due to Jinhyuk and Wooseok's solo activities. Jinhoo will also be sitting out due to health issues.

ONEWE - Parting (Released)

[September 25th]

Super M - One (Monster & Infinity) (Released)

Note: One is a remix of both their songs Monster & Infinity.

Delayed Dates:


Delayed due to health issues.

[October 2nd]


[October 5th]

WEi - Debut

[October 7th]

Golden Child


[October 8th]

Weki Meki

[October 12]

NCT 2020 - Resonance Pt. 1

(This is when NCT 2020 Begins, There will be more releases throughout the month. Teasers images and other track videos will drop before this date. Also this is only Resonance Pt. 1, there is supposed to be two parts to the album.)
This is confirmed to be OT21 (NCT 127, NCT Dream, & WayV) and 2 new members Shotaro and Sungchan are rumored to debut under the unit NCT U.

[October 13th]


This will be their first comeback.

[October 19th]


[October 26th]


[October ??]


Yanan returns to Pentagon for this comeback. Though Jinho is completing his military service.
This will also be their first comeback since competing on Road to Kingdom.


As of now it is assumed this will only be a three member comeback as Baro and Jinyoung are no longer under WM Entertainment. Though the two still consider themselves members of B1A4 it is not known if WM still considers them members of the group or not.




They will debut sometime in October. No exact date yet though.

P1Harmony - Debut

They will debut sometime in October.

Prisma - Debut



Mino [Winner]

[More: October]


CL Momoland


[To Be Announced Dates]


RBW ENT who houses artists Mamamoo, VROMANCE, ONEUS, and ONEWE will debut a new girl group in the second half of 2020!

NTX - Debut

They supposedly won't debut until 2021 but they have released teaser videos.

[More: TBA]

Rose [Blackpink] - Solo Debut

BXK - Boy Group Debut

Kai [EXO] - Solo Debut


Yoon [Winner]

I-Land - Final Lineup Debut

Secret Number [1st Comeback]

SM New Girl Group - Debut

YG New Girl Group - Debut

JTG ENT Boy Group - Debut

Mystic ENT Girl Group - Debut

MBK Boys - Debut


Berry Good

Orbit - Debut (November)

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