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---------------------------------------------------------- Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Recap Ep 8: Recap Ep 9: Both Yoon Jae and Da Ran are on the street, listening to the tape recorder. Da Ran said, "I feel weird. I like it when you are here..." Yoon Jae suddenly took off his earset and said, "Sorry, what did you say again?" HAHAHA fail!! Da Ran was so embarrased! (He heard it!!! He just pretends not to hear that!!) Then they watched a horror movie. While watching, Yoon Jae asked, "Do you like me?" After finished with the movie, he said again, "Your action look like someone who has just confessed." Da Ran finally admit, but she said, that it is better to watch horror movie with someone. Yoon Jae emphasized again, "I told you before, I won't fall in love with you." Meanwhile, CHungsik was with Ma Ri. Ma Ri asked Chungsik, "if the 80 points already belong to someone else, then only 20 points left..." Chungsik told her, "you are weird, Ma Ri. Kyung Joon is lying in the hospital right now. Does Kyung Joon like someone else?" Se Young was outside Yoon Jae's mom house...trying to digest what she overheard earlier. So it means Kyung Joon is a dumped child...? She met Yoon Jae's mom, and she asked again about Kyung Joon. Se Young asked why she is curious about that kid, but the mom only said that the kid has some fate with Yoon Jae. Oh I forgot to tell you about the new word that Yoon Jae told Da Ran, kkulttuk georida, which literally means "hit on", so basically Yoon Jae told Da Ran that she is trying to hit on him hahaha. Yoon Jae and Da Ran went to Kyung Joon's uncle restaurant and have dinner there. Da Ran asked, "why do we have to come here?" Yoon Jae said, "this restaurant belongs to my uncle. But it belongs to my mom before she passed away." Da Ran said, "what about your father? do you know where your father is? We can try to find him." Yoon Jae said, "Maybe my mom knows about him, but she passed away..." After the dinner, they went to a souvenir shop (remember Da Ran is supposed to be in China right?) they were trying to buy some "Made in China" souvenirs. They ended up buying basketfull of white polar bear, and they have this brilliant idea of coloring the white polar bear to make it like panda. At home, they were having this competition about how real panda look like. Da Ran's panda is really weird!! the panda is wearing a black undie haha. So the winner is obvious. It's Yoon Jae's panda. So Da Ran has to grant his wishes. He asked Da Ran to give him massages and some other things. So romantic!! The next morning, Ma Ri went to Yoon Jae's house. Chung Sik tried to stop her. He said, "Our brother in law and noona are newly wed. Let's not disturb them." Ma Ri said, "I will come here every day and night." They went to see from the window, and it seems that Da Ran and Yoon Jae were having a fight. Da Ran cook the rice with some black beans, but Yoon Jae hates it. He didn;t want to eat it, so Da Ran asked him to eat it. Ma Ri thinks that Yoon Jae won't eat that beans, but you guys know what?? He ATE them!! he ate it like eating pills. just used water to swallow it. Ma Ri who is looking from the window was really dissapointed. She asked Chung Sik, "If a person ate the food that he hates, how many points it is?" Chung Sik said, "maybe 90 points?" Ma Ri sighed.."so only 10 left for me??" Chung Sik was surprised! He thinks that Ma Ri has a feeling for his brother in law!! Ma Ri and Daran were sitting in the bench at school. Ma Ri asked Da Ran whether she wants Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon swapped back again...and Da Ran can't comment on that... Meanwhile, Se young asked some doctor in the hospital to do a DNA check for Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae, and she got the result already. It is clear 100% that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are brothers. What is she going to do with that??? The school principal asked Da Ran to write some thing for the school journal. Da Ran and Yoon Jae went home and talked about that. Da Ran found a book where Yoon Jae wrote on it several years ago. It seems that Yoon Jae is a very warm hearted guy!! Yoon jae asked her, "there is an important thing on June 24." Da Ran said, "it's the duedate for my school journal." But Yoon Jae said no. So Da Ran thinks it is about the annual gathering of Yoon Jae's family. But actually June 24 is also Kyung Joon's birthday!!! Se Young met Kyung Joon's aunt, and ask her whether Kyung Joon is adopted, but the aunt said no. So she seems to make a conclusion that the mom is different. The next scene is the very awkward situation of the old school days love story, between the school principal and Da Ran's father, and also Kyung Joon's uncle with Da Ran's mom. In school, Da Ran was talking to her colleague, and asked about some recommendation for a birthday present. She said that it's for a person who will have a bright future, so the present should be meaningful. Ma Ri came to her and told Da Ran that she thinks Yoon Jae needs to find his father. If Yoon Jae found his father, he doesnt need to depend on Da Ran anymore. She went to Yoon jae's house and emphasized that to Yoon Jae. Yoon jae was in the hospital with the kid patients. He was thinking whether it will be too much burden for Da Ran to take care of him... Da Ran was alone lying on their bed, and thinking about what to give for Yoon jae's birthday. She was thinking about a was the gift she wanted to give real Yoon Jae before..but I dunno what is she going to decide.. The next day, Da Ran was sweeping the floor and said that its too much burden coz the house is too big. It freaked Yoon Jae out, he said "Is it too much burden for you?? Ill do it! Ill do the housechores, Ill sweep the floor and do the laundry. Please dont feel burdened.." Da Ran went outside to ride bicycle, and tried to find the bench where she was waiting for real Yoon Jae before. Yoon Jae was cleaning the floor when Ma Ri came. Ma Ri gave him some information that she knows this person (a professor) who can help him find his dad. Yoon Jae said, "I wont go and find him." Ma Ri said, "You have to find him, because he will be helpful for your future." However Yoon Jae insisted,and Ma Ri suddenly said, "I;m tired, I want to go to your room and rest." She just went to Yoon Jae's room and put her stuff there hahaha. Da Ran is alone in the park, looking for the bench, but she can't find it. Sudenly a call came from Yoon jae, asking where she is. Yoon Jae came to find her!! She said to herself, "My heart is thumping hard. What's wrong with me? If we wait for someone we love, our heart will thump. I am waiting for Kyung Joon, but why I have this feeling?" And she tried to calm herself down. Yoon Jae is there now in the park, but Da Ran just ran away. He called her, but she said, "I don't think I can see you. You are not the person I am waiting for." Yoon Jae is really disappointed TT so he went away. Da Ran was talking to herself, "Sorry Kyung Joon, you have to are not the person I am waiting for..." THIS IS So HEART BREAKING!!! Yoon Jae went home, and something weird happen!! Their soul is almost swapped again!!! Kyung Joon who is in the hospital moved again, Ma Ri rushed to see him, and called Da Ran. If Kyung Joon's body moved, it means something bad happen to Yoon Jae!!! She ran back to home like crazy, afraid that something bad will happen to Yoon Jae. She found him lying on the floor, and she kept calling him, "Kyung Joon! Kyung Joon!!" Suddenly he opened his eyes and said, "Gil Teacher" Da Ran is just there crying and crying. She didn't say anything else. Ma Ri had a call with Yoon Jae and asked how he is doing. Yoon Jae said, " I'm fine. But Da Ran didn't say anything to me. She just left back to her room. I think she must have been disappointed." Da Ran is in the room, crying. Yoon jae was looking at her from outside the room, and think that "Maybe it is better for real Yoon Jae to come back." The next morning, the school got a call from Ma Ri, saying that she is not feeling well, so she can't come to school. Yoon Jae went to see her in the room and asked whether she wants to go to the hospital. He said that he felt that his soul is swapped back. Longer this time. for 30 minutes. Maybe next time if it happens, it will be swapped for good. Da Ran said, "if your soul is swapped you think I will be able to let you go?" But Yoon Jae said that he will go and buy some medicine, and he left. Se Young and Yoon Jae's mom is having this conversation. Se Young already found out that they are brothers, so she wants confirmation from the mom. Finally Yoon Jae's mom told the story behind. "Yoon Jae was 12, and he was really sick. the only way to save him is to have another child, But I wasn't be able to deliver other child back then, Yoon Jae's father asked someone else to deliver a child, which is the woman he really love, and that woman is Kyung Joon's mom, and the kid is Kyung Joon." (SHOCKING FACT) Yoon Jae and Da Ran were outside, suddenly Yoon jae said, "If our soul is swapped back again, I will disappear. I wont give burden to you anymore, I won't see you, and I will disappear from you..." THIS IS SAD!!!!! **No preview for today, thanks, I hope you all enjoyed my recap** ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
thsnkd for the recap ^^ actually,i prefer yoonjae with daran or kyungjoon in yoonjae's body cz i ship mari with kyungjoon or choonsik. :p sorry
and also, thank you sapphire148. this is such a great site to sneak for the next episode. everything is in here, gomawo.
am i asking too much to ask for the recap of episode 11. in this situation, patience matters!!! :). fighting!
lovestar,i hope so too. I really want them to be together.
I think Da Ran will reject what he says about his disappearance
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