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Maldives Weather in December- Ring in the holiday season in the Maldives

The Maldives is a crowd favourite holiday destination drawing in the crowd due to its tropical nature. This exotic island destination will charm you no matter how many times you decide to holiday on this destination. Once you take your first step into the white sand of this archipelagic country, you will be engulfed in its sublime beauty and make lasting memories like never before. You will literally never get tired of the scenery which is absolutely magic to the eyes. If you have picked December as the time to visit this country, then you’ve picked the most ideal times to take the holiday Maldivian style. Keep reading to know more about how to plan the perfect holiday to the Maldives in December and make your dream trip come to life.

The weather during December in the Maldives
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The month of December in the Maldives sees varying weather conditions split into the two halves. While the first half gets some of the most powerful rainfall and hardly any sun, the second half of the month undergoes a dry spell with gentle sea breezes and mild weather. Rainfall averages about 232 mm, which is why December is amongst the wettest month. The temperature varies from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius during this period. Most evenings you'll see more clouds than the actual sky. The lagoons are simply ideal for taking part in water sports. This is due to the fact that the temperature goes down to around 22 degrees Celsius. A higher and steep inflow of tourists is observed towards the second half of the month because of the nice tropical weather and the arrival of the most anticipated festive season right around the corner.

Top Activities to try out in the Maldives during December

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The underwater world of Maldives is world-famous for being colourful. However, particularly in December, when the sea is so soothing cool and bright and clear, snorkelling and scuba diving have to be on top the 'to-do' list. Hence, on every single island, you will see snorkelling and diving equipment accessible for hire at an affordable cost. The only issue is that since its the best season travel and with the crowds coming in from all over the world, you may see that there is a lot of hustle and bustle while doing the activities, but the experience of the activities is worth waiting for. Banana reefs and Manta points are known to be some of the top places to snorkel. Additionally, you can try out other water sports too. Take on the waves and surf the tides or give paddleboarding a shot. Colourful coral reefs with schools of fishes, big sea turtles, eagle rays and dolphins jumping up and down by your side, the feeling of joy you will get cannot be put into words.
As the day of the fun comes to an end, the evenings can be enjoyed by the calm shores of the islands in the archipelago. This is also the ideal setting to have a private candlelit dinner by the beach. Candlelight dinner beside the beach is the most romantic things you can experience in the Maldives for couples.
And as the night goes on, the stars illuminate the sky. You can hardly see any clouds in the sky after a point.

Fortunately, the month of December also come across some of the most stunning evenings and sunsets. The best way to enjoy this amazing scenery and the sky turning into various shades of orange and pink is to board a luxurious cruise that will take you all around the gorgeous islands in the archipelago and provide you panoramic views of the sea, sky and islands all at once.

Best Islands in the Maldives to tour in December
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When there are 1200 exotic lovely coral islands surrounded by 26 atolls, It is so difficult yo pick out the best islands to visit with each one looking as much alike as the next one. However, there are a couple of islands that are worth visiting out from the rest due to their delicious food or luxurious overwater accommodation or rich reef sites.

1. Male Island
If you land into the Maldives, there is no option of skipping out on the capital city of the county, Male. This is where the major international airport is located where tourists land into from all over the world. This is the main site from where you will take your respective transportation to go to different islands and atolls. The location of Male is right in the heart of the archipelago, this glorious island is home to the most number citizens of the country in spite of it being small in size. The sightseeing spots include a golden artificial beach, a National Museum showing its history, a steel Tsunami monument as a tribute to people who lost their lives and a busy market selling native fruits and vegetables.

2. Baros Island
Baros Island is more expensive and more on the grand side. Set away from the crowd you will find in other atolls is the stunning Baros Island. The peaceful and romantic environment of this island is what makes it the #1 pick for the couples.

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