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The Importance Of Learning Evasive Driving Maneuvers

When it comes to driving, it is always an important thing that you put safety as your top priority, considering the wide variety of hazards and dangers that you could possibly encounter in the streets. However, there will always be instances where you about to face some possible situations in which you have to make some evasive reactions, quick thinking, and other certain actions in order to keep yourself and your vehicle from harm at the hands of some reckless drivers.

One of the possible situations is the one where there is some random aggressive driver who does not tend to be careful with the way he drives, and once you get to encounter this kind of driver, you only have a split second in order to get away from the clutches of danger. Regarding such case, it is best that you have the best knowledge and skills in order to perform what they call an evasive driving maneuver. To find out more about this, and some examples of Evasive Driving Maneuvers, read on this article.

What Is Evasive Driving Maneuver?

An evasive driving maneuver is a technique in driving which is done for the purpose of simulating an unexpected event that can occur at any place, at any time, and in sudden situations, usually done in order to get away from the probable harm of vehicular accidents and mishaps. It is also known as “lane change”, “accident avoidance”, and “swerve to avoid”, among others.

It is best that you learn at least one of the most well-known ways to perform an evasive driving maneuver. Sure, it seems like performing such move takes a lot of driving skills like what is usually seen in “The Fast And The Furious” movies in order to successfully execute. But once you get to learn them, it will be totally worth it. These driving moves can actually save lives from possible accidents or mishaps that could always happen on the streets.

Some Well-Known Evasive Driving Maneuvers

The first evasive driving maneuver that you can learn is the cadence braking. In order to do this move, you need to have your traction control off. It allows you to drive on slick surfaces without the traction control. This involves pumping the brakes quickly to make the wheels lock and unlock. Keep doing this to regain control over the vehicle.

Another maneuver is the drifting technique. Being the most popular type of evasive driving maneuver, some people even made a career out of it. This move is ideal for those moments where you have to get through a turn, but cannot afford to slow down in order to do so. It takes numerous practice to perfect it.