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Mall food is the best food, right? hehe (: One go-to spot I always HAVE to stop by is Orange Julius - and of course, my favorite is the ORIGINAL Orange Julius! This recipe is EXTREMELY simple & it sure beats the crowd that are almost always bombarding the Orange Julius storefront! Ingredients: - 6 ounces orange juice concentrate - 4 cups milk (my kids love whole milk in this recipe the best) - 1 teaspoon vanilla - 1/4 cup sugar - 1 1/2 cups ice Directions: 1) Place all ingredients in your blender. 2)Blend until frothy. 3) Serve immediately and enjoy!
@onesmile the best bribe I've ever heard of pwahaha i'd go in a heartbeat as well hehe
@samrusso716 I think my uncle used to give them to me but only to get me to go with him lol
@onesmile hahaha I would love it if someone gave me a orange julius gift card D:
@samrusso716 I dont think ive ever bought one without a gift card~
@onesmile I know! Can't believe I spent $6 on ONE! D:
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