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The one sidedly rule that Dojin gave to Yisoo 1. Can't eat, can't sleep only think about me all day, 2.If doen't get any phone or any answer, be hurt and slowly curious. 3.Walk around my house and my office, wishing to meet me by accident. 4.Watching me from a far place absent mindedly and anxiously. 5.If you see me talking with another woman, you have to be jealous , watching with shaking aye. 6.Having my elementary, junior and high school photo in your wallet. 7.Come unexpectedly in my house sometimes, making my throbbing. Yisoo already did some of this in episode 12. Such A cute couple!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha yeahhh hmmm let me think of some rules Yisoo can give Dojin 1. Always buy impulsive gifts for me that you think I will like 2. Be over-protective of me and always rush over to my house to see if I'm okay... i cant think of anything more hahahaa i suck
What about some rules for him to follow? I'm on women's side!