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From engagements, anniversary, weddings & birthdays to bachelor/bachelorettes, communions, and christenings – we have made to order & custom cakes that will add to the celebrations! We pay special attention to every little detail and create one-of-a-kind cakes that look amazing and taste just as good! We also do wedding cards, in—room gifts for weddings, give-away hampers, corporate gifting for Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc.
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Red Velvet Goes Naked
You can call this a Valentine wedding cake or simply the best vision of red velvet gone naked that you will ever see! Photographed by Cape Town and destination wedding photographer, Jilda G, you can see just how visionary this cake really is! You've got the hot naked cake trend happening, plus the bliss of all that rich decadent red velvet cake that's been iced with just-as-epic cream cheese frosting! OH MY!!!!! Keep scrolling to see Alton Brown's FIVE STAR recipe via Food Network! Ingredients 13 1/2 ounces powdered sugar 12 ounces cream cheese, room temperature 3 ounces unsalted butter, room temperature 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract Pinch kosher salt Directions Using a stand mixer, combine the cream cheese and butter on medium speed, just until blended. Add the vanilla and salt and continue beating. On low speed, add the powdered sugar in four batches, beating until smooth. Refrigerate for 5 to 10 minutes before using. Recipe courtesy of Alton Brown, 2011, via Food Network Not feeling cake for your wedding (or for Valentine's Day)? Then make something just as magical: Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies! This comes from a fellow Vingler, @popcoco98. Click here to be directed to the recipe automatically! For all my beauty queens out there, I'd like you to take a break from the makeup (for just a second) and get hyped for these babies. Tagging you because there is a STRONG correlation between loving makeup and loving red velvet treats. LOL @jordanhamilton @kaminisingh @TessStevens @mikayla @ChelseaHeyes @QueenYuki @KyotieWolf @Donnas @ImUrBestFriend @galinda @Bekka @RaquelArredondo @jazziejazz @rmayra1 @prgurl4u2envy @DemiP @alannasofia
Why are Designer Cakes in Trend These Days?
Simple and tiered cakes are not much of a trend anymore. Chocolate, vanilla, cream, butterscotch cakes seem like a past thing now. It is because cakes are a thing that keeps changing with time. No matter if it is a wedding ceremony, the birthday of your spouse, or a best friend, you might be looking for something extraordinary to surprise your loved ones. Sending someone custom designer cakes demonstrates how special they are to you. People prefer to order cakes which are close to the interest of their loved ones. For example, if your brother is a biker you can send them a custom cake with a bike design on the top. These designer cakes are ruling the bakeries now and they have set a whole new trend of baking. To answer your question about why designer cakes are in trend is simple. It is because they are more appealing, and attractive to the consumers. Why should you order designer cakes? The demand for the modified and custom cakes is at the peak. Many bakeries are providing custom cakes nowadays and large-scale bakeries are on top of it. Well, small businesses are still suffering from multiple challenges to take custom orders from their clients. For now, everyone from kids to adults wants designer cakes. The rising demand for cakes, especially on unique occasions is increasing rapidly. And why wouldn't designer cakes create a more interactive atmosphere for any occasion? Besides that, they bring more happiness to any kind of celebration. They have the power to make your celebration moments more memorable and magnificent. Why are designer cakes trending these days? The world is changing at a rapid pace and so are the trends. We all know that cakes bring a good pinch of pleasure and sweetness. Also, they energized every moment that endures the best moment of our lives. To retreat your loved ones with the appealing merriment, you need to get the best. Routines are boring so check some trending ideas for cakes and order them from the best bakery around you. Top trends of the designer cakes Here are some of the top trends of designer cakes: 1- Multi-tier cake If you are looking for some classic tiered look, you can go for a multi-tiered skinny cake. It will be best if you have a smaller guest list. Also, it has been in trend for the past couple of years and it really looks classy. 2- Single Tier Cakes If you are looking for micro weddings or elopements, you can get a beautiful decorated single-tier cake. It will work fine for around 10 to 12 people to enjoy a tasty slice. 3- Photo-themed cakes You can also get photo-themed cakes and they are also in trend. You need to get some best photos of the birthday person and provide them to your cake baker so that they can print them on your cake. 4- Watercolor designs Watercolor design on the cakes has also become a trend, especially for weddings. It is also gaining traction as it is a beautiful form of art. You can either go for watercolor or palette painting with buttercream. In fact, you can go with many directions that you can try with different design elements. Order delicious designer cakes at Cakes and Bakes You need to select your cake design and tell us. We will make sure to design your cake and bake it according to your requirements. We will craft your cakes with love and a whole new level of creativity to add an element for an unforgettable surprise. You can make your loved one's birthday or wedding celebrations unique and delicious by getting a designer cake. You can go for specific cakes like for baby showers, baby first birthday, bachelor party, cartoon cakes, photo-themed cakes, etc. You can order a variety of cakes from cakes and bakes, but if you need your personalized cake, you can order it too. You can check our website to check out our list of amazing cakes for different occasions. Also, we can deliver your custom cake order on the same day or at midnight. You can choose your own designs, color combination, etc. So, next time if you are looking for the best designer cake in town, feel free to contact Cakes and bakes and order the best designer cake. Final words Well, we hope that you know now why designer cakes are the best for any ceremony. So, always try to order designer cakes for your loved ones to show them how much you care about them. Have something in your mind for the upcoming birthday or a wedding ceremony in your family? Well, get in touch with Cakes and Bakes as they are the best designer cake bakers in the town. Provide them all the details online and they will deliver your cake right to your doorstep.
OMG Samoa Brownies – Girl Scout Cookies Gone Wild
Somebody pinch me. Am I dead? I must be dead. Because I am IN HEAVEN. These Samoa Brownies, brought to you by Broma Bakery, are all I've ever needed in a dessert: gooey chocolate brownie, toasted coconut, and sweet caramel. I thought Samoa girl scout cookies were as good as it gets – and then I met these brownies. Samoas Brownies Recipe by Sarah Fennel at Broma Bakery Ingredients For the brownies: ¾ cup cocoa powder 1½ cups sugar 2 eggs 12 tablespoons unsalted butter ½ cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons vanilla extract ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup bittersweet chocolate disks 1 teaspoon brewed coffee (optional) For the coconut caramel: 1 cup granulated sugar 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temp, cut into tablespoons ½ cup heavy cream, room temp 2½ cups sweetened, shredded coconut For the chocolate drizzle: ¼ cup chopped bittersweet chocolate 1. Brownies: Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8"x8" baking dish with parchment paper and set aside. In a microwave-safe mixing bowl, melt the butter. Stir in sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, and optional coffee. Once combined, fold in cocoa powder and flour. Toss in bittersweet chocolate disks. Pour the brownie batter into the baking dish, spreading evenly to the edges. Bake for 35 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center of the brownies comes out clean. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes before topping with caramel sauce. 2. Coconut Caramel Sauce: While the brownies are baking, make your coconut caramel. In a medium saucepan, heat the sugar on medium-high heat for about 5 minutes. Use a spatula to occasionally stir the sugar, getting to the bottom of the pan. At first the sugar will be lumpy, but will soon melt and start turning a brownish color. Don't stir too often, just enough to keep everything evenly cooking. After 5 minutes, the sugar should become fully melted. Once it becomes a dark amber hue, remove from heat immediately and stir in butter. The mixture will violently bubble. You're doing it right. Use your spatula to stir the butter and sugar until they melt together completely. This can take 1-2 minutes. Next, pour in the heavy cream and sea salt. You can use 1 to 1½ teaspoons, depending on how much saltiness you like. Use your spatula to stir until everything is combined. Place back on the stove for about 30 seconds, stirring the whole time. Remove from heat. Stir in coconut flakes. Set aside until brownies are cooled. 3.) Assemble the Brownies: Once the brownies have cooled for 15 minutes, run a knife along the edges so they don't stick to the pan. Spread the coconut caramel on top of the brownies. Again, run a knife along the edges to prevent anything from sticking to the pan. Heat the drizzling chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in 30 second increments. Stir in between each heating. Spoon melted chocolate into a small ziplock bag, creating a makeshift pastry bag. Cut a small (tiny!) slit at the bottom corner of the bag. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the coconut caramel. Set in the fridge to cool for about 1 hour. Cut into 9 brownies and serve! If you liked this Girl Scout cookie remix recipe, try making your own Homemade Thin Mints!
[Week 1] Monday & Friday - Rest Day Recipes (Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie)
You've got to love a training plan that starts off with a rest day! Since Tuesday will be my first long distance run, I want to make great post-run meals ahead of time since I'll probably be too tired once I get home. I'll be making a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie since it has complex carbs AND protein. Plus its chocolate peanut butter...hello! Here’s the protein breakdown of my new favorite smoothie: 6 oz greek yogurt → 18 grams 3/4 cup skim milk → 6 grams 1 Tablespoon natural peanut butter → 4 grams The yogurt adds a ton of protein to the shake and should be pretty easy on your stomach, which can be sensitive after a run. Here's the recipe, enjoy! Ingredients: 1 large banana, peeled, sliced, and frozen 3 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 6 oz Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt (or 2%, flavored or unflavored) 3/4 cup skim milk (or your favorite kind of nondairy or dairy milk) 1 Tablespoon honey, maple syrup, or agave 1 Tablespoon peanut butter (any kind you like) Directions: Put all of the ingredients into the blender, in the order listed, and blend on high until thick and smooth. I would start with only 2 Tablespoons of cocoa powder, blend, and then add 1 more for a stronger chocolate taste. You may need to stop and stir/scrape down the sides of the blender a few times. Drizzle glass with 1 teaspoon of chocolate syrup (optional) and enjoy! If you prefer a less sweet smoothie, you may leave out the honey. Add more peanut butter for a stronger peanut butter taste. Add more milk to make the smoothie thinner, if desired. Add 1 cup of your favorite greens for added nutrition.
Thi Công Điện Công Nghiệp Bình Dương
Thi công điện công nghiệp Bình Dương hay thi công lắp đặt hệ thống điện nhà xưởng là một trong những dịch vụ uy tín mà công ty Đại Phú Thịnh đã thực hiện ở khu công nghiệp Khánh Phú, Bình dương. Không chỉ ở Bình Dương Công Ty Đại Phú Thịnh còn cung cấp dịch vụ thi công điện nhà xưởng ở các tỉnh thành khác như, Đồng nai , Bình Phước , Tây Ninh và và trên cả nước. Đại Phú Thịnh là đơn vị thi công đáng tin cậy cho mọi công trình với đội ngũ cán bộ, nhân viên kỹ thuật có trình độ tay nghề cao, năng động và đầy sáng tạo. Bộ máy quản lý phân quyền tạo ra tính độc lập sáng tạo, trách nhiệm trong công việc trong mỗi thành viên trong công ty. Giờ chúng ta tìm hiểu sơ qua về kỹ thuật thi công điện nhà xưởng. CÔNG TY TNHH TM DV XD  ĐẠI PHÚ THỊNH Ðịa Chỉ: 679/5 Đường Tân Sơn,P.12, Q.Gò Vấp, Tp.HCM PGD : 44/2 Đường TTN 14, P Tân Thới Nhất Quận 12  DĐ: 0986.239.299(Mr.Phú)  Fax: (028) 62 59 96 47 Cửa Hàng 39 Phan Văn Hớn Quận 12 ĐT:(028) 62 54 00 80   Email: Website: - - -  - Mọi Thông Tin Xin Vui Lòng Liên Hệ Với Chúng Tôi!
Upholstery Pie Boxes
There are several advantages to purchasing custom pie boxes in bulk. They are an affordable way to offer delicious treats to your guests when entertaining them at your home or in the office. You can customize the look of the boxes to make them unique and personalized for each guest. Half-price box offers high-quality pie packaging using durable cardboard and eco-friendly inks. You can also design your using our easy-to-follow templates. How Can You Order Pie Boxes? You can order a large quantity of custom printed pie boxes at a reduced price. This is a great way to stock your pantry with delicious treats for parties or family gatherings. You can personalize the look of the boxes by adding a custom printed ribbon to match the color of the boxes. Simply order a bulk of custom printed pie boxes in a variety of colors. If you're interested in selling custom sizes of pie boxes, consider printing your labels with your business logo and information. This can be done easily using your computer. Simply download our template of simple letterpress lettering and choose the font style you want. You'll also need a plain black paper that's print-ready. Cut the paper to the custom sizes you need. Then you will need a hot glue gun to attach the labels to the pie boxes. If you don't like the idea of sending your pie packaging back to the store, there are options for short-term shipping. If you know the recipient uses a freezer, simply place your custom pie boxes in the freezer for up to two weeks. If the recipient doesn't use a freezer, simply package the boxes securely with your return label your return shipment as "regulated." This makes your packaging much easier to sell. Many businesses specialize in custom pie boxes. However, the easiest way to find the right box is to browse online. Look at the many pie packaging companies that offer quick and convenient services. Read their client testimonials to see what their customers think about their products. Talk to other business owners who may have used the company you're considering to determine if they're reliable. Types Of Pie Boxes. Many companies that supply custom-sized pie boxes offer different options, including single, double, and triple boxes, with the option to add an extra box for free. The standard is a full tray with four evenly spaced small holes. Some companies provide custom printed pie boxes with additional trays for a total of 24pt cardboard. For businesses or individuals who want to be more environmentally friendly, eco-friendly pie boxes are available. These boxes are made from recycled plastic and paper, and they're even available in eco-friendly boxes that are also comfortable. These cartons fit into any recycling container, which means you'll be helping the environment while you eat! Eco-friendly boxes are perfect for local food pantries or special organic food stores. By buying eco-friendly boxes, you can help to sustain the livelihoods of those who live without food stamps. Many small charities depend on the sales from charities such as this one. Pie packaging isn't all about pie boxes though. Many people are surprised by the variety of pie accessories that are available to consumers. For example, some stores sell pie servers or Cheshire saucepans. Other popular accessories include pie weights and cutters, and dough hooks. You'll also find mugs, gloves and measuring spoons, and various types of cutting boards. If you're looking for a custom-designed pie box, you can usually get your custom pie boxes at no cost to you. Custom boxes can be ordered through custom manufacturers, who will be able to design your boxes exactly the way you want. They can come up with different logos, different color schemes, and different combinations of other accessories. You might even get a custom logo printed on the boxes themselves. Finding the right place to buy your custom pie boxes is going to be your first step. This is because many places that sell these products do not stock the proper size, shapes, and colors of cartons that you need. If you can find a store locally that sells these types of items, they may be able to order the types of pie cartons you need, but they might not have room to order your custom designs. Your best bet for finding the right place to shop is on the Internet. How To Find Pie Boxes Online. If you go online, you will be able to find many companies that sell these specialty pie boxes. You can usually get them at a discount price, and they may even offer free shipping. You will want to take a look at the free shipping options because this can help you save a significant amount of money on your purchase. Most of these online companies will also be able to help you when it comes to designing your custom pie boxes. They can assist you in choosing the right pom poms, or other embellishments, and they may even help you create unique designs that nobody has ever done before! No matter what you end up with, you will be able to find something that you can use to display your homemade pies proudly.