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@hyunseang638 CREDIT 2 nikkiarchie: A set of gifs with my selected fave quotes from 감격시대 Inspiring Generation characters - Jung Tae, Ok Ryeon, Gaya, Aokki, Leader Mo and Jae Hwa. Made for fun :) "Standing beside you, I want to live listening to you sing. Let’s be together for the rest of our lives, until death…" Jung Tae to Ok Ryeon “I won’t die like my father. I won’t live worthlessly like you either. I’m going to make this territory mine." Jung Tae to Jae Hwa "To save my own life you told me to put your life in danger? I cannot do that. I don’t wanna see you do risky thing anymore." Ok Ryeon to Jung Tae “You haven’t matured enough to be killed by my swords. If you want revenge, grow up more then return…” Gaya to Jung Tae "My answer will never change, now or in the future whether it’s the leader of Ill Gook Hwa or China emperor…" Aoki to Gaya "If your eyes don’t work, then use your ears. If your ears become bad, then your nose. Use your instincts." Leader Mo to Jung Tae "Now I really want to see your face. But if I see it, I’ll cry like an idiot and lose my composure. So, I can’t…" Jae Hwa to Woo Ji Cannot believe that we are now at the second last week of Inspiring Generation. Time flies super fast, doesn’t it :( Well, I have to admit that sometimes the drama made me headache but it’s still hard to say goodbye. I’ll miss them all so much, Jung Tae, Ok Ryeon, Gaya, Aokki, Leader Mo, Jae Hwa, So So and others! Hope we’re gonna have a complete ending (I know it’s impossible to have a happy ending for everyone but at least no open ending please!) PLZZZ WATCH IG EVERYONE LAST WEEK OF THE SHOW <3 <3 <3
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